Footloose is a remake of a 1984 movie. It opens with a scene where a group of teens dances the night away at a barn. Where there is dancing, there is beer. The celebration continues in the car ride home. With alcohol involved, a head-on collision with a semi truck ended their young lives. In the 1984 original, the scene was only suggested.

In the original, we were only told about the car accident that caused the small town of Bomont in Georgia to ban underage dancing. Also in the original, the boy who is going to shake things up is from Chicago, on the remake, the boy is now from Boston. Ren MacCormack is a city kid from Boston who was shipped south to live with his uncle in the wake of his mother’s death.

As soon as he arrived, he begun shaking things up. He befriends Willard, a rhythm-less boy and   exchange glances with Ariel, the daughter of Reverend Shaw Moore. Ren keeps getting into trouble but his uncle always backs him in the face of Reverend Moore and the authorities. With Ren’s hard work and persistence, the ban on underage dancing gets overturned.

The remake still retains some corny moments and needless interludes. Ren’s warehouse dance sequence is still corny, the demolition derby involving school buses is silly. The screenplay is a complete rehash of the original. The dialogues in many scenes are exactly the same. Ren still battles the powers-that-be, still becomes friend with Willard, still develops a romance with the preacher’s daughter. The soundtrack is also the same. Each and every song is the same although with brand new versions.

The movie is uneven with sporadically absorbing modern remake.

Dennis Quaid stars as the preacher, Julanne Hough as the preacher’s daughter Ariel , Andie McDowell as the preacher’s wife, Miles Teller as Willard and Kenny Wormaldd as Ken. It is directed by Craig Brewer.




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4 Responses to Footloose

  1. Writer Girl says:

    I saw the first one with Kevin Bacon when I was a teenager and I liked that one better than this.

  2. Black Spot says:

    Hollywood really needs to stop remaking movies.

  3. Martha M says:

    I went to see the movie yesterday and I wish they stop remaking movies. The original is a lot better than this remake.

  4. Christy says:

    I grow up in the 80’s and love this movie. I like the original with Kevin Bacon better though.

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