Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the fourth installment of the movie franchise built on the 1960’s series of the same name.

The mission of Tom Cruise as Elian Hunt is to prevent the end of the world, this time to prevent a nuclear war. An incident at the Kremlin was created by a group that makes it look like an intentional act of American aggression.

The movie starts with Elian Hunt in a Russian prison, that’s where the Mission Impossible in 2006 ended. He kept himself busy by bouncing a ball against a wall. And as usual, the good guy gets out of prison when he was rescued by his team, the IMF team.

Their next mission is to penetrate the Kremlin. They did this with Elian Hunt applying a fake mustache, carried a hallway sized projection mechanism to get pass a guard. But something goes wrong and part of the Kremlin blows up.

As a result, the President invokes Ghost Protocol to solve the issue. Ghost Protocol is completely off the grid, a state of complete disavowal by the United States. The group is working without a government safety net. Long story short, the mission which looks impossible succeeds.

There are real action-packed scenes in the movie including a scene filmed on the world’s tallest hotel in Dubai. The scenes in the high-rise hotel are spectacular. Although the scene is filmed in the Middle East, not one Arab character has a speaking role.

This is by far the best movie in the franchise. It is a must see. The characters are well-developed; it has cool gadgets, great action scenes and a few touchy moments with some humor. Like the other Mission: Impossible movies, the scenes are action-packed with some scenes totally “unbelievable” but then it is part f the fun.

Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt with Jeremy Renner as William Brandt and directed by Brad Bird.

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11 Responses to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

  1. Mike S says:

    Typical Mission Impossible movie, lots of explosions and actions but very thin story. It was entertaining though.

  2. Writer Girl says:

    Tom Cruise is back to making good movies that the public wants to see. Good job.

    • Leon says:

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  3. Stariray says:

    Tom Cruise finally have a movie again that is as big as his star should be.

    • Nasimox says:

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  4. Anak Anak says:

    Tom Cruise career is alive and on the upswing again!

  5. Sandy says:

    Tom Cruise still “got it”. He is still a big star.

  6. Noni says:

    Lot’s of action, fun and a bit of humor. This is one Hollywood action picture.

    Nice job.

  7. Black Spot says:

    Go Tom. Nice job!!!

  8. Mickey says:

    Tom Cruise still has it. He still can make good movies and fans still like him.

  9. Kalbo says:

    True, some of the scenes are “unbelievable” but it is part of being a yhriller anf part of the fun.

    I like the movie, the best so far of all the Mission Impossible movies.

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