The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady is a biography of Margaret Thatcher, the first and only woman Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. Thatcher is a grocer’s daughter, came to power from nowhere and became one of the most famous and influential leader of the 20th century.

The movie is entirely carried by the performance of Meryl Streep. The film is only worth seeing for the performance of Streep. There is nothing special about the film but to showcase the acting prowess of Streep;  it is made for the Oscar awards.

The film did not give the reasons why Thatcher became the prime minister other than she was a grocer’s daughter and that she knows household accounts. It did not explain the political roots. Thatcher is one of the most successful leaders of the 20th century, there had to be more than this. The film dealt more on Thatcher’s life as wife-and-mother than as the prime minister.

 The film is supposed to be a biopic but ended up showing at the aging and dementia-riddled Thatcher. The film spent too much time on the late-period dementia with Thatcher reminiscing with her deceased husband Denis and occasionally flashing back and forth on her political career.

While the film is uninteresting as un-intellectual, it is entertaining. The film became interesting only when Streep takes over the flashback scenes during Thatcher’s heyday in the 80’s. Streep acted as a glue to keep the movie together but even a great performance does not make a film.

If you are going to see “Iron Lady” do so only for Streep’s performance.

Meryl Streep stars as Margaret Thatcher and directed by Phyllida Lloyd.

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15 Responses to The Iron Lady

  1. allisonwatnj says:

    The role is made for the Oscars.

  2. Love Meryl Streep she is the best and an American icon.

  3. Citi Girl says:

    She is the greatest actress of all time. Love Meryl!!!!

  4. Libra says:

    Meryl Streep is the best actress of all time! She disappears in all the characters she plays. Amazing.

  5. Malangq says:

    Congratulations to Meryl Streep. She is the greatest actress of our time.

  6. Movie fan says:

    Congratulations to Meryl Streep. She really deserve this award!

  7. Stariray says:

    Thatcher is a very interesting character; the movie was not able to exploit this.

  8. Anak Anak says:

    She is the best actress of all time!

  9. Seema says:

    I thguoht you were going to complain about bad comedy writing, because the trailer for this movie is so stupid.

  10. Lita M says:

    Meryl Streep really is the best actress of our time. She disappears in the roles she play.

    Although the movie rested on Meryl Streep. Without her, the entire movie would have been a disaster.

  11. Stariray says:

    Other than the acting of Meryl Street, I don’t care for the movie.

    Lady Thatcher is one of the more famous politician of her generation. The movie did not do justice to her!

  12. Movie Girl says:

    Maggie Thatcher is one of the most influential politician of the 20th century, there is more to her than she is portrayed in the movie.

    Agree, other than the acting skills of Ms. Streep, this movie is nothing.

  13. Movie Fan says:

    I agree, the movie was kept glued together by Meryl Streep.

    The movie looks like a college term paper. A film on Margaret Thatcher should be better than this, she was the only woman prime minister of United Kingdom.

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