Safe House

Safe House is a mystery action thriller about a renegade and very dangerous CIA agent who surfaces after a decade on the run. He surfaces in South Africa and brought to a safe house being managed by a junior CIA agent. The safe house is off-the-grid installations where agents use it brutally interrogate an enemy. Managing the safe house is dull routine, a dead end job for the junior CIA agent until it was overrun by armed mercenaries trying to capture the renegade CIA agent.

In the end the renegade and junior agents escape and are on the lam. Renegade agent wants to escape the junior agent who wanted to control him. Both agents try to outrun enemies who surfaces at every move. Like other action spy thriller films, Safe House follows the formula: lots of guns, running and car chases.

Safe House is not a very good film but not bad either. The main characters are not fully developed, and the army of secondary characters is not developed at all. You don’t get to know them. Also, the plot is somewhat thin and predictable. Other films of the same plot are much better.

The movie pace is extremely fast. The fast pacing makes you feel the movie is like an endurance test filled with violence. If you are into fast paced action films with a lot of gun fire and brutality, this is for you. You will be hooked with the energy and brutality. This film is for action junkies.

Denzel Washington plays as Tobin Frost, the renegade agent and Ryan Reynolds as the Matt Weston, the junior agent. Directed by Daniel Espinosa. Vera Farmiga and Sam Shepard play secondary roles as CIA agents at CIA headquarters. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds had very strong acting performance which is the main saving grace of the film.

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6 Responses to Safe House

  1. 123 Emma says:

    Ryan is so super cute, he should make more movies. Love all his movies!

  2. Kevin Guy says:

    Lots of violence and action but weak story.

  3. Libra says:

    Ryan Reynolds can become a major star like Tom Cruise. He is so good in what he does.

  4. Malangq says:

    Too much action , weak story line.

  5. Movie fan says:

    Only good with this movie is the action, so much of it though.

  6. Eddie says:

    Too much action and car case and everything but storyline is not very well developed.

    Nice actions and car chases though.

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