The Secret World of Arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty is a Japanese animation based on the British children’s book series “The Borrowers”. It is about a family of little people who lives under the floorboards of a suburban home owned by “regular sized” people, a woman, her housekeeper and her visiting lonely and sickly grandson. Arrietty is a tiny 14-year-old live with her parents under the floorboard unbeknownst to the homeowner.

Like all other little people, Arrietty and her family hide from people except when they venture out to “borrow” supplies like cube of sugar, paper towels and cookies from their human hosts in order to feed themselves, supplies that nobody will miss. Little people like them need to remain hidden from view or they risk getting hurt or killed.

The visiting sick grandson is 12-year-old Shawn and discovered Arrietty and her parents when Arrietty and her father ventured out one night to “borrow” supplies. A secret relationship developed between the boy and Arrietty and this relationship drove Arrietty’s family out of the house.

The Secret World of Arrietty is old-school 2-dimension animation. The colors are vivid and lovely. The hand-painted watercolor backgrounds are gorgeous and the gardens are lush and inviting almost dreamy. The only negative comment is the way the main characters are drawn. Although it is an Asian film with Asian sceneries and meant to be Asian, the main characters are drawn like Caucasians and most of the time they are expressionless.

The film has a good solid story. Like any good story there’s always a villain. The films villain is Hara, the housemaid who brought in exterminators to capture the Borrowers when she suspected their presence.

The film is simple, charming, and heartwarming that both adults and kids will enjoy. It is calming and slow-paced, lush scenery and peaceful.

Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi with the voices of Amy Poehler as Arrietty’s mother, Will Arnett as the father, Carol Burnett as the maid, and Bridgit Mendler as Arrietty.

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12 Responses to The Secret World of Arrietty

  1. Finally saw it in Netflix last weekend, it is nice anime with a very good plot and story. I particularly like the animation and the very vivid colors used to paint the characters and their environment.

  2. lovesfoodgal says:

    Love anime movies specially when it is in English.

  3. Moviefan@Il says:

    Went to see this animation and it was great. Great movie with great story and great animation. I really loved it that I bought the DVD.

  4. Soo H says:

    Beautiful, beautiful animation. Love it and went to see it twice.

  5. Vine AA says:

    This is probably one of the best animations I have seen; the movements, scenery, expressions of the characters are almost flawless. Although the pacing is a little bit slow and leaves you wanting more climax towards the end.

  6. Nicky says:

    I love this movie. The story is very good and animation is wonderfu;, every frame is so colorful and almost alive. Love the movie a lot.

  7. Yang D says:

    It is a great movie that takes you back to your childhood. One of the best Ghibli movie I have seen. The colors and decorations in the “small people” home is so amazing. The art is so gorgeous.

    The characters are very relatable, very sweet story and lovely scenery frame by frame.

    I love all Studio Ghibli movies.

  8. Gwen Girl says:

    This is not the best Studio Ghibli movie but it is really created very well. Although it is lacking in “action” a little bit slow for my kids and also to me.

    But I would say it has stunning visuals, the plants, the flowers, the cat, they all come alive and so realistic.

  9. Kevin Guy says:

    One of the best Japanese animation I have seen. Solid story with good characters.

  10. Micky says:

    Nicely done animation. Love it so much, the scenery is so amazing!

  11. Citi Girl says:

    What a wonderful animation, story good for kids and adults alike, very good animation drawings as well.

  12. Libra says:

    Highly recommended for everybody. Story is very good and every frame is so well drawn. The plants and flowers are so alive and lush.

    Children and adults will both like this movie.

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