John Carter

John Carter is an adaptation of 100 year old science fiction novel A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is an action-science fiction set in Mars. It is about a former Confederate military captain John Carter who finds himself transported to Mars (Barsoom to local Martians). While in Barssom, John Carter he became embroiled in a conflict among the inhabitants of the planet.

John Carter discovers the ability to take gigantic leaps; so gigantic that he can almost fly. With this ability and power, he became a valuable commodity among the conflicting inhabitants. He was captured by the Tharks, a community of tall four-armed and green aliens. The Tharks are caught in the middle of a war among more advanced species, the Zodangga and Helium who look like humans.

Carter eventually teams up with Princess Dejah Thoris. Princess Thoris is somebody who cannot be pushed around and is aware of her responsibilities. The princess is escaping an arranged marriage. The arranged marriage is being used as a tool to end the war and make peace. To make a long story short, peace was attained with the help of John Carter and married the princess.

The movie is a big budget movie with huge and spectacular battle scenes and very credible and authentic looking aliens. There are great and breathtaking set pieces. It has complex story (it could have used some clarifications) with a wide range of characters. It got romance, humor and action. It is a ton of fun from beginning to end although a lot of the dialogues are corny.

It is not one of the greatest movie ever made but it is worth watching again just for the breathtaking set pieces and battle scenes.

Taylor Kitsch stars as John Carter, Lynn Collins as the beautiful Martian Princess Dejah Thoris. Lynn Collins is so great as the strong Martian princess. Willem Dafoe stars as Tars Tarkas. Directed by Andrew Stanton.

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15 Responses to John Carter

  1. texangirl1 says:

    The bad reviews this movie got from the critics baffles me, this is a very good movie.

  2. lovesfoodgal says:

    Good movie finally saw it on Netflix, wonder why critics did not liked it.

  3. victoriapayne94 says:

    I like and enjoyed watching this movie I wonder what critics did not like about it.

  4. MinaA@ab says:

    I loved this film I don’t understand why critics did not like it, it is so sad it did not enough money. nevertheless this will be one of my favorite movies.

    • Scorpion says:

      I totally agree, this is a well done movie with a great story and very good cinematography, pacing is fast. I don’t see why most critics panned it.

  5. Kevin says:

    The $200 million spent by Disney making the movie is worth it. The movie is so beautifully shot with amazing scenes. The story is also very good.

  6. Vine AA says:

    This is a great movie but it is lacking a good and strong ending. Special effects and production design are brilliant. The movie turned out to be a surprise despite all the negative reviews. I can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Nicky says:

    John Carter is one of the best sci-fi movie I have seen. The story is solid, amazing production design and full of very interesting characters. I don’t understand why critics have panned it.

  8. Marcela says:

    I don’t really understand the negative reviews and low ratings for this movie. They say that the $200 million spent on it is not worth it. I disagree and liked this movie a lot. It is a fantastic sci-fi with great story and great characters.

    I recommend this movie highly. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Cecilia says:

      I don’t understand it either. Maybe critics are expecting more because Disney spent more than $250 million just to make it not even counting marketing cost.

      To me the movie is marvelous.

  9. Yang D says:

    This movie was badly reviewed by critics and it is a very expensive movie for Disney to make but I went to see it anyway.

    It wasn’t as bad as the critics had made everybody believed.Impressive cast, story line and great cinematography. Although it has the same concept as Avatar and probably as great as Avatar. The critics just didn’t like it. But I liked it so as most of people I know. Critics are not always right.

  10. Gwen Girl says:

    This is an excellent movie from Disney despite all the negative reviews. My kids and me are all amazed. It had a lot of heart and feelings.

    This is a fairly great movie beating all expectations. It is very entertaining from start to end. Love the story and all the characters. It is a very enjoyable movie!

  11. Star Struck Guy says:

    After reading all the bad reviews, I wasn’t sure what to expect before I went to see it but the movie was better than I expected. It is too bad that the public do not see it as Disney made a bad marketing job.

    Most of the public do not know what they are talking about, they just relied on critics. The movie is awesome. The story is great, well shot scenes and has great pacing too. No part of the movie is boring at all.

  12. Kevin Guy says:

    I love this movie, the characters are well developed and story is complex. Very good movie overall. I don’t understand why critics didn’t like it.

  13. Micky says:

    Nice and well done movie, story is great so are the shots. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Maybe they are expecting more as Disney spent $250 million on the film.

    To me this is a great movie!!!

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