The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is the story of a Utopian society in North America created after an uprising of its 12 districts. The nation is Panem with Capitol as its capital. Panem is forcing its 12 districts to send a teenage girl and boy as a tribute to compete to the death in a televised game called Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a form of punishment and intimidation for the previous uprising of the 12 districts and it is televised nationally. It is the ultimate reality show. The “Tributes” must fight one another until only one survives; some of the Tributes are highly-trained.

Katniss Everdeen is forced to represent District 12 when her sister was picked as a tribute.  District 12 is a grim mining community. The Tributes are picked thru a lottery called “Reaping”. Katniss siter Primrose was picked together with Peeta (the timid baker’s son). Katniss volunteered to replace Primrose.

The competition is not only about fighting skills but also personality. Playing to the audience is how the Tributes earn bonus points which translate to “gifts” from sponsors. These gifts are items needed at the moment in order to survive.

Long story short, Katniss and Peeta won against the other well trained opponents.  Katniss is forced to rely on her hunting skills and instructions from her coach.

The Hunger Games is staged in an enclosed area. While the surroundings in the enclosed area look natural, everything is controlled and manipulated by a control center to ensure good ratings. This concept is not original to Hunger Games. In 1998 The Truman Show with Jim Carrey has the same storyline. Only The Hunger Games is updated to reflect the numerous reality shows on TV where the contestants “fight” with only one survivor at the end.

The Hunger Games is highly recommended. It has a solid story, it is not the normal young adult romance. It is about corrupt, oppressive governments and twisted media culture. The characters are well developed but the violence is intense at times and the camera is shaky in some shots.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy the drunk coach, Elizabeth Banks as Effie the coordinator and Donald Sutherland as President Snow. Directed by Gary Ross and adapted from the book written by Suzanne Collins.

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21 Responses to The Hunger Games

  1. Mike@21 says:

    Not totally impressed with Hunger Games but it was a good attempt.

  2. Melissa 20 says:

    I love the movie, great story which has political undertones.

  3. Mike S says:

    I have not read the book so I was expecting a teenage movie. I was surprised it had a good story line.

    You are correct though, reality show being watched by everybody is nothing original. Jim Carrey had done it before with the Truman Show.

  4. My kid wants to see it but I read on facbeook from a friend that it was a disgusting display of taliban like material and so on and so forth…

  5. XEMI says:

    I was going to post about this too!! I needed this talerir!!! That teaser was great, but we needed this set up to show people what the story is about!!!! SO MUCH NEW INFORMATION!!!!!!!!! I CAN”T WAITTTTT!!!!!LOVE THE BOOKS!!!

  6. Justin says:

    The customs and dresses of the people of the city are way so funny to being ridiculous.

  7. Kevin says:

    I have not read the book and I have reservations before I went to see it. I was surprised it is a very good movie. I was expecting some teenage romance and I was proven wrong. It is a very well done movie.

  8. Soo H says:

    This one overrated movie about reality TV shows.

  9. Jimmy B says:

    I didn’t like this movie at all. Too much hype but there is nothing in the movie.

  10. Vine AA says:

    The movie is so so and definitely overrated you can say I am unimpressed. It is not a great movie but a good movie. They should have ut more impact at the end, the ending is weak.

  11. Nicky says:

    I like the story, it has romance and politics. Good for both teenagers and adults.

  12. Cecilia says:

    I have not read the book and I am not a teenager so I did not fully connect with the movie. The only thing that connected me is the politics but not the teenage romance between the main characters.

  13. Lucre Abb says:

    It is true the concept of 24 hours televised games and reality shows has been done by Jim Carrey before with his movie Truman Show.

    I am disappointed with this movie with all the hypes before it was shown. I was expecting more.

  14. Cherlin says:

    This movie is way too overrated. There are portions where the camera is shaking too much.

  15. Marcela says:

    This is a faithful adaptation of the movie but with some revisions. It is a good movie but it did not give the epic ending. I love watching great books turned into movies. This is one of them.

    It has a great story about politics, poverty, and corruption. Great movie for our times.

  16. Yang D says:

    Gary Ross the directer did a decent job in turning the novel into a movie; this movie is definitely for those who have read the book. The main characters specially Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly cast. I have read the book so I felt connected to the movie.

    Great job. As of right now this will become a successful franchise like the Twilight series.

    • berke says:

      Love the trailer. I am eexticd for the movie even more now.It inspired me to make a list, on my blog, of upcoming YA Fantasy movies that I am looking forward to.The Hunger Games made my list. I love it.

  17. Gwen Girl says:

    I was pretty disappointed after all the hype before the movie was shown. Character development is lacking and the story is all over the place. It would have help I have read the book but I have not.

    The camera was moving a lot there were segments that are really hard to watch and at times it made me dizzy. The costumes of the city folks are really funny and almost clownish. Costume designers should have put more thought to this. The city dwellers are lie from the future while the people from the districts are like from a century ago. Highly unbelievable.

  18. Star Struck Guy says:

    I have never read the book but I can say The Hunger games is spectacular. I felt happy after watching the movie, it is a great movie. The movie is well done and very well written.

    Most of the actors and actresses in the movie did pretty well on the acting department and you really feel sympathy on the two main characters.

    • Beto says:

      Although I haven’t read the series, this movie has dtlniieefy left an impression on me!! I have the sudden urge to get all three books and read them… I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS MOVIE’S OUT!!!!!

  19. Kevin Guy says:

    One of the few movies that is worth going back to see again. That’s how good it is.

    Very good movie for our troubled time.

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