Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a modern and funny retelling of one of the most beloved fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This modern version is more about the evil Queen; it is told from the viewpoint of the Queen. The Queen may be evil and ruthlessly rules her kingdom but she is also funny at the same time. Snow White is not the frail princess; she is strong-willed and innovative. With the help of seven thieves but courageous dwarfs, she fought the Queen and wins back her Prince and her birth right.

The movie is a funny and bizarre interpretation of the tale. The Queen is vain and lives lavishly and wears outrageous gowns and jewelry. Unfortunately her kingdom is broke and demanded even more taxes from the impoverished villages. She has been plundering the citizens of her kingdom to fund her lavish lifestyle. She also planned to ensnare the Prince of Valencia to marry her in order to save her Kingdom. This plan was foiled when spark was developed between the Prince and Snow White.

The costumes specially the Queen’s gowns are spectacular. The production and scenic designs are also great and spectacular. The production design alone is worth the amount I spent to see the movie. Although the pacing at some parts of the film is slow.

The movie may not be suitable for very small kids but older children and adults will surely enjoy the laughs, spectacular visuals parody. It is a refreshing interpretation of the tale and it doesn’t have the cheap and slapstick jokes. The jokes are funny but not over the top; they are restrained. The movie is not grim as the original tale, it is funny, charming and enjoyable.

Julia Roberts stars as the evil but funny queen. Her smiles are almost as big as her spectacular gowns. She is funny specially her conversations with the psychic lady in the mirror. Lilly Collins stars as Snow White and directed by Tarsem Singh.


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21 Responses to Mirror Mirror

  1. The gowns are outrageuosly done, I like them all.

  2. simonmooes8 says:

    Julia Roberts is devilishly good as the evil queen; her character is not totally eveil, she is “tongue in cheek” evil with some humor injected in her character. Good movie and good take on this fairy tale story.

  3. lovesfoodgal says:

    Julis Roberts is so nice to be the Evil Queen LOL.

  4. This is a very good interpretation to Cinderella, Julia Roberts is so good as the evil queen though not so evil and funny at times.

  5. lingmessing says:

    Loved it, Juis Roberts is so as as the not so evil queen, she is actually funny.

  6. Kathy B says:

    Julia Roberts is so good as the not so evil queen, love her.

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  8. Mike@21 says:

    I went to see this movie too and I loved Julia Roberts as the evil queen, she is a lovable “evil queen”.

  9. 123 Emma says:

    Julia Roberts is so funny as the evil queen. Love her!!

  10. Lucrecia says:

    I like Mirror Mirror better than Snow White and the Huntsman which is so dark and not suitable for kids to watch.

  11. Melissa 20 says:

    This is a fresh re-telling of Snow White; the “evil” queen is really funny and Snow White is not so “pure”. Love this film and I recommend it.

  12. MauiGirl says:

    A very good chick flick for young adults. Hollywood should make more movies like this. They seem to make more movies for young teenage boys.

  13. Justin says:

    Stunning production design. The gowns of the queen are awesome. Hope it will be remembered come awards season.

  14. Jimmy B says:

    The evil queen can be so funny. Love Julia Roberts and this movie despite all the negative reviews.

  15. Vine AA says:

    The movie is not a total disaster. It is not a memorable one but it is surprisingly entertaining and funny. The director Tarsem is a visual genious.

  16. Nicky says:

    This movie is so wickedly funny specially Julia Roberts as the evil queen. A very clever interpretation of the tale of Snow White. Production design is awesome specially the queen’s outfits.

  17. Lucre Abb says:

    I was really looking forward to this movie when I first saw the trailer back late last year. It honestly looked pretty good although some of the storytelling and continuity is a little bit disjointed. But overall the movie is funny good and recommended for young adults and adults a like. Refreshing interpretation to the old tale of Snow White.

  18. Cherlin says:

    I like Julia Roberts but this one did not work for me. It was way too funny for an evil queen. I like her outrageous gowns though. Production design saved this movie from total disaster.

  19. Marcela says:

    Like the previous movies of the director, Mirror Mirror is beautifully shot with gorgeous production design. The movie is a very funny interpretation of the old tale of Snow White which is quite grim and dark.

    This is a gorgeous and good-humored movie and I love Julia Roberts as the evil but very funny Queen. I enjoyed watching this movie.

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