Bully is a documentary about bullying among kids which is becoming an epidemic in the American public education system. The movie follows the kids in the school bus, playground, classrooms, cafeterias, homes including principal’s offices.

It follows 5 kids and their families. Two of the five kids committed suicide, one was sent to a juvenile prison, a gay girl in a small town in Oklahoma and a kid from Sioux City, Iowa named Alex who has the appearance and demeanor that attracts bullies.

Bullies make death threats, insult and demean other kids who “look and act different” shove and push in play grounds and inside the school bus. Yet school administrators are clueless to what is happening. They would say “boys will be boys, kids will be kids”. One assistant principal breaks up a fight between two kids, let’s the bully go but reprimands the bullied kid for not accepting the bully’s apology.

Bullying sometimes is so severe that the victims will respond with violence with violence, or take their own life.

Alex from Sioux City, Iowa is being bullied because of his appearance and demeanor.

Kelby is a gay girl from a small and insular town in Oklahoma. She and her family were shunned by the town when she came out of the closet.

Tyler Long committed suicide.

Ty Smalley also committed suicide.

Ja”Meya was incarcerated in a juvenile facility for bringing a gun with her to the school bus to scare the girls that are mean and who constantly pick on her.

While the movie shows bullying, it does not address how to stop bullying. What should parents do if their kids are being bullied, how to train school administrators to deal with the problem so they don’t remain clueless.

This documentary should be seen by every kid in America.

Directed by Lee Hirsch.

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10 Responses to Bully

  1. Lucrecia says:

    Kids this days are just so mean like the 4 kids that taunted a grandma inside the school bus. Kids need to learn and respect other people and not be mean.

  2. Gonzalo says:

    You know what happens to blilues who never have someone stand up to them they go through life being blilues. I think we would have a lot less entitled kids if they would just stand up to eachother once in a while. I’m not saying that fighting is the answer, but sometimes a kid needs to learn that they can’t get away with murder ya know?

  3. Namby says:

    This movie is one of those life-altering documentaries that everybody should see. It does have an agenda that is so real, every kid must see this film.

  4. Johan A says:

    It is disturbing but necessary. It is a very strong documentary that exposes a problem that have gotten worst. It examines kids that are tormented and shows how they feel helpless that adults and school administrators don’t know what they are doing to help these kids.

  5. Karen says:

    This movie is recommended watch for all kids and school administrators. It will enlighten them.

  6. Southern Gal says:

    Everyone should go and see this movie, it is one of the life-altering documentaries. The movie is not the best documentary nor a great movie but it has a huge social significance. Everybody must see it.

    • Dicky says:

      I completely uandrstned @Sandy it’s funny how things change once you get out of high school and college the world opens up and no one cares about those clicks. You live, you love and sometimes the ones that were bullied on end up getting everything they ever wanted and the bully never gets anything.

  7. Billy q says:

    Wish this movie is a required viewing for teachers and school administrators and PTA members. Take your kids to see this movie so they will understand that bullying is not good.

  8. Daniel says:

    The movie really reflects what is going on in schools, hope school administrators will do something about bullying.

  9. Emil says:

    I went to see the movie last weekend, it is so sad.

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