Marvel’s The Avengers

Marvel’s The Avengers is a team-up of six of Marvel’s superheroes to save the earth.

The problem started when a “cube” was stolen from a government location which is supposed to be secure. The cube is a piece of electronic gadget that can open the doorway to the other end of space. The cube was stolen by Loki – a spear carrying guy from the other end of space. The gate to the other end of space was opened and came enters the extraterrestrials from the other of space. The six superheroes were assembled to fight the extraterrestrials and of course they win and saved the earth.

That’s pretty much the story and it took the movie 2 hours and twenty-two minutes to tell it. The movie was made not for the story but for the special effects and fights. The dialogue is so tongue-in-cheek.

The six superheroes are as follows:

1)      Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)

2)      Captain America (Chris Evans)

3)      The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)

4)      Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

5)      Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)

and 6) Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

This movie is for teenagers with short attention spans.

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13 Responses to Marvel’s The Avengers

  1. Paviot says:

    Its Alex Ross’ little detlais that get me. Look right in front of Iron Man, you’ll see a tiny Wasp, and the thing in the background looks to be Ant-Man’s mask while he’s in Giant Mode. Those little subtleties are what makes Alex a great artist. I highly recommend picking up the book Mythology: The Art of Alex Ross, if you haven’t done so already. Even if you’re not an aspiring artist, its still a great coffee table book.

  2. Namby says:

    This movie looks like competition among the actors on who can deliver the best one-liner. I don’t understand why the public and critics likes it. There is nothing worthwhile watching other than the big production numbers. No story at all!!!!.

    • Israel says:

      Still leery of group Superhero movies but after X-Men:First Class and Joss Whedon hemlnig this one, its hard not to get excited. Maybe they’ll sneak in some other superhero cameos? Like Spidey?

    • Auth says:

      Better? I think not. If you ask me Iron Man (1) was a way more solid story, emotionally more coneectnd, and developed the characters better.The second one was still fun, and again the sound track was awesome, but to say it was better than the first is a bit of a stretch to me.

  3. Johan A says:

    The Avengers is the ultimate superhero movie, an above average movie that is pretty much sure to keep comic book fans (mostly geeks lol)occupied long enough to see the rest of the very long film. Tons of action and cool special effects but basically has no story to tell or a very thin and very old story line.

    • Avelina says:

      I would definatly be bnehid Louis. As a huge comic book geek, I loved Incredible Hulk, almost as much as I loved Iron Man. I think he has a really good style, and with the help of aaall the other directors taking on Marvel’s holy trinity.. Why not? Like, if the guy bnehid Iron Man, Cap, and Thor help.. Yeeeh, I’m in. This movie is sounded better and better, hope this comment gets around to everyone so they can put it into consideration. Even if it was the director of Thor or Cap, just.. as long as they love the characters and want to do them justice, and they have the chops to direct, obviously. But, I wouldn’t complain if Louis got picked for it. It’s a huuuuge project, but, again, if everyone pitches in, it could be pretty epic. After all, this is the holy trinity of comic book characters. <3

  4. Karen says:

    Just wasted my money and time for this movie. There is nothing in it, very old and worn out story just big on violent scenes. Not recommended (except if you are a teenager).

  5. Southern Gal says:

    This movie is but a compilation of superheroes who wants to outdo each other, compilation of actors who can deliver the nest one-liners. It is far from bad.

  6. Billy q says:

    It is not a bad movie at all but there is nothing special about it. It cost more than $200 million to make it so it bound to have big action scenes. This is another run-of-the mill action superhero film.

    • Giselly says:

      My main issue with Alex Ross and his art is that all the characters look just like him even the women. Thor looks relaly cool, but Iron Man looks like the front of his face was smashed in with Thor’s hammer. Wasp hidden in the center is a nice touch.

    • Jovana says:

      When you take Iron Man out of a side by side with Hulk, Hulk really was a great movie. Iron Man of coruse was just awesome. I never really cared about Thor as a character. Just never interested me one bit. I’ll still see the movie though since it’ll have a tie in of some kind with the Avengers. I just hope they make Cap’s movie on the same caliber as Iron Man. At this point, they really can’t let any of the main Avenger’s movies suck.

  7. Daniel says:

    The movie wasn’t made for it’s story but rather for the spectacular mayhem, they made it for teenagers who still can’t think. What a waste.

    • Petronila says:

      Spidey would be cool, but Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man, and this is a Marvel Studios prouoctidn, so no luck there. I agree with you though, I think this has the potential to be great, and I’m happy Joss is doing this. Thanks for the comments!

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