Chimpanzee is a true to life documentary about Oscar, an orphaned baby chimp in the African forest. When his mother died, he was forced to fend for himself with the help of an unexpected ally; Freddy the male alpha lead. The movie is about the fight for survival of baby Chimp Oscar.

Chimps live in clans in the forest. They go to war against other clans in order to protect their feeding grounds. In the movie, two clans go into war and show two actual battle scenes.  Oscar’s mother died on the second battle.

The movie also shows the life of chimpanzees in the rain forest. Life is a constant hunt for fruits, honey, insects including monkeys which they need as a source of protein. The movie shows how they sophisticatedly hunt for the monkeys.    The movie also shows the daily life of the clan including how they use grooming to keep the peace.

Oscar’s clan is headed by Freddy the alpha male and the other clan is headed by Scar, the other clan’s alpha male. Freddy’s part of the forest happens to be rich with nut trees which Scar’s clan needs in order to feed their much bigger clan. Scar and clan attempted twice to “capture” the area where the nut bearing trees are but lost the battle even though they outnumbered Freddy’s clan.

The movie is for kids and with heavy editing, the violence and aftermath of the battle was not shown. All we see are the beautiful shots of rainforest scenery and the playfulness of Oscar. The rainforest photography is stunning.

The movie is not only for kids but also for adults specially adults who love nature.

The movie is narrated by Tim Allen.

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4 Responses to Chimpanzee

  1. Rose says:

    This is one of the cutest documentary I have ever watched.

  2. Amy says:

    This is one good movie to watch when you are feeling down. It will make your day.

  3. Namby says:

    This documentary looks like a happy-fell Disney movie but in real life. It makes your heart melt.

  4. Johan A says:

    A very well put together film that is great for kids and adults. Nothing great but stil a good movie.

    Full of drama, joy and some sadness. It is highly enjoyable movie.

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