The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth installment to the series that introduces a new hero Aaron Cross. The plot is about the government’s spy program involving super-human agents and it is being shut down because of security breach. The agents are being bioengineered but because of the security, all of bioengineered agents are being eliminated. One of the super-agents Aaron Cross is not about to go down without a fight. With the help of Dr. Maria Shearing, he survived.

Dr. Shearing is the pretty scientist who engineered the agents to become super-human. Aaron Cross kidnapped Dr. Shearing in order to restore his supply of the pills that makes him super-human. Unfortunately the pills are on the other side of the globe, in Manila the Philippines. The two were off to Manila with Dr Shearing as the damsel in distress and her former masters are trying to track them down. Retired Colonel Eric Byer is one of the executives employed by her former employer.   

There is a lot of action scenes in the film, the climax happened in a motorcycle chase in the streets of Manila. The motorcycle chase is really spectacular. The other chase scenes are also spectacular but some of the scenes are identical to the first three installments specially the rooftop chase in Manila.


The first three Bourne Legacy starred Matt Damon but the fourth installment is played by a new actor with a new character, Aaron Cross. The new character is almost exactly like the former character Jason Bourne. They are almost the same but not exactly. The general plot of the first three and fourth installment are also identical, all the elements on the first three and on the fourth installment.

The film is the typical action, mystery and suspense film with lots of action and chase scenes although it’s not as good as the first three Bourne films.

Jeremy Renner stars as Aaron Cross, Rachel Weisz as Dr. Shearing and Edward Norton as retired Colonel Eric Byer. Joan Allen has minor part as Pam Landy.

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5 Responses to The Bourne Legacy

  1. Unfortunately, The Bourne Legacy is neither as exciting or as intriguing as the Matt Damon-led films – but that doesn’t mean it’s a total misfire. In general, the movie’s biggest shortcoming is an overlong runtime that is the result of a number of drawn-out scenes and action set pieces. Nearly every moment of the film is interesting, whether a meditative character beat or a fast-paced chase sequence, but not everything is essential. As the minutes tick on, these less-engaging elements begin to distract from the core narrative – resulting in a diminished return for the on-screen drama.

  2. Mary says:

    There is a lot of action on this film but the story line is very week. I enjoyed the action scenes but not so much the story. There are more story line in the previous Bourne movies. On a scale of 1 to 1, I give it a 6.

  3. Car Lover says:

    This movie has NONE of those. I’m a huge Bourne fan and was anxious to see the Jeremy Renner try to take on the new role of the hero in this movie. The acting in this movie was good, but the writers stunk! There was NO PLOT, no CLIMAX, and NO ENDING. It was a huge disappointment to me and I would not recommend wasting your time or money on it. Although if you like movies that are two hours long with NOTHING going on in them, then this might be the one for you. Another thing that upset me was that Aron Cross seemed to have a small goal or no goal at all in the ENTIRE movie! I’m not sure who directed this movie but they did an EXTREMELY poor job.

  4. Miranda says:

    I like the first three films better, this one has so little story in it.

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