The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a fantasy movie about a happily married couple Cindy and Jim Green who is childless and can only dream about what their child would be like. What they did is to make a list of all their wishes, put it in a wooden box and bury the box in the garden. Soon a 10 year old child is born one magical stormy night, out of the box. The child is Timothy and he is not an ordinary child, leaves grow in his legs.

The movie takes place in small town America where most of the folks work at the pencil factory owned by a local family. As the Greens introduce Timothy to the town, we learn of the stresses in the couple’s lives; Jim’s issues with his father, Cindy’s relationship with her super competitive sister and the planned closure of the pencil factory. Timothy was able to solve all of these problems.

Just like he was born unexpectedly, Timothy has to “go away” when his leaves turn brown and fall off.

This story is being narrated in flashback by Cindy and Jim to a hearing officer for a government adoption agency. Cindy and Jim were able to adopt a girl.

How much would you enjoy this movie depends largely to your tolerance for magic and fantasy. This movie is perfect for a family movie-outing. It is sweet and magical. This is a “feel great” movie. The autumn mood of the movie made for a very good cinematography (it should have been released in the fall, instead of August). But like most fantasy movies, there are a lot of gaping holes.

Just like some of Disney movies, it is whimsical yet with good moral value.

Jennifer Garner stars as Cindy Green, Joel Edgerton as Jim Green and CJ Adams as Timothy. Supporting cast stars Dianne Wiest as Bernie Crudstaff. Directed by Peter Hedges.

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3 Responses to The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  1. Movie Fan Girl says:

    Nice to see Jennifer Garner on screen again. She should do more movies.

  2. Movie Guy says:

    This is another whimsical movie from Disney. Like typical Disney movies, it is warm hearted with the heart in the right place, the story has positive message. It is such a good movie……for kids.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful film for kids and the family. True it doesn’t make sense at all like most fantasy movies but it does matter.

    It is very well acted and has a good cinematography, good dialogs with no profanity or vulgarity. It is a fun and heart warming movie, emotionally inspired and it is one good family movie.

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