Reviewed by: Lilly M.

ParaNorman about a small town under siege zombies and ghosts. The town is saved by a Norman Babcock, a misunderstood boy. He was able save the town from a centuries old curse by taking on the zombies, ghosts, witches and of course the town grown-ups. Norman is able to hear and see ghosts and zombies, he is a ghost whisperer.

Norman is a gentle but misunderstood boy with only one friend, Neil. He tries his best to blend with the crowed but he is isolated and feels a weirdo. He is a quiet boy and obsessed with ghosts, zombies and scary movies which make him odd and misunderstood.

He also happens to be able to see and speak to ghosts. With the help of Neil, his annoying teenage sister Courtney, Neil’s brother Mitch  who is the town bully, Norman sets out to undo the centuries old curse on the town casts by a witch.

The film is phenomenal, it is a powerful piece of film. It is done in animation style called “stop-motion” 3D. It has a dark humor to it with many wacky outburst from the characters. . ParaNorman has a concept from the beginning to the end of the film.

The film is an effective horror film not only for children but for adults as well.


ParaNorman is a 3D animation with Kodi Smith-McPhee as Norman, Tucker Albrizzi an Neil and Anna Kendrick as Courtney. Directed by Chris Butler XII Sam Fell.



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  1. Movie Guy says:

    This is a very well made 3D animation with very high entertainment value. It has very god story line and the animation is stunning like CORALINE. It is not for kids though. This must be one of the best animation movie ever made.

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