Joan Rivers, Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas, Sept. 2012

Joan Rivers is a comedian, television personality, writer, film director, red carpet diva and actress. She is known for her brash manner, loud and raspy voice and her numerous cosmetic surgeries.

I went to her performance at the Venetian in Las Vegas; I have seen her perform at the same stage 2 years ago. Some of her materials are the same but most are new.

Joan Rivers has made a career out of making fun of celebrities. Her comic style relies heavily on poking fun at celebrities including herself. She jokes about all classes of people, ethnic groups, and old people (including her). Nobody is off limits to her humor.

She made fun of the following:

a)      Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Scientology

b)      Kristy Alley with her weight and Jenny Craig commercial

c)      Cher and her never ending farewell concerts

d)     The late Michael Jackson and his numerous cases

e)      Chaz Bono, she/he doesn’t look good as a woman and as a man

f)       Woody Allen and Soon Yi

g)      Catholic priests and their sex offender cases

h)      Mexicans and their piñatas

i)        Jews and the holocaust

j)        Sex and old people

k)      Gays and lesbians

She is absolutely hysterical and she has proven herself that she is a fantastic entertainer. She is fresh and energetic considering her age. Her stage performance is more offensive than she is on TV but she is funny nonetheless. She is a natural comic.

You have to understand going in to her show that she is very hardcore; she offends in a loving way but she entertains at the same time. If you have very low tolerance for politically incorrect materials , if you don’t like the F-word, the C-word don’t go.

Joan Rivers News:

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15 Responses to Joan Rivers, Venetian/Palazzo Las Vegas, Sept. 2012

  1. linhosmond says:

    She is one great performer, so funny.

  2. She is a class by itself, so funny and witty.

  3. I like her brand of humor she is funny and she also made fun of herself.

  4. She is hiliarious, bless her soul.

  5. southcentralgal says:

    I have seen her perform in Vegas once and she is hilariously funny.

  6. larlerner12312 says:

    Esta loca but I like her.

  7. Pokpok says:

    Joan Rivers is a very funny lady however not everybody likes her brand of humor. She is very crafty too, she mines every debacle to sell her books, how good is that, good for her.

  8. Erica says:

    Hilarious comedian and I love her.

    Her series is now coming up on it’s third season.

  9. Amy M says:

    You should hear her joke on Paula Dean, it is so funny.

  10. Olive ABC says:

    Joan Rivers is a crazy funny lady.

  11. Penn Girl says:

    She is one so funny lady, her brand of comedy is “in your face comedy” some people can not take it but she is one funny lady.

  12. Hamiltom says:

    I love Joan Rivers and her down to earth style of comedy, she is a funny lady and have watched her reality show on TV which I like very much!!

  13. Maria says:

    Joan Rivers have performed at the Venetian several times and I make it a point to watch her live every time she is in town (I’m from Vegas). I am a big fan of hers, love her brand of stand up comedy.

  14. Movie Fan Girl says:

    I was able to see her performance at the Palazzo/Venetian last September.

    I watch her reality show and her shows at E Channel. Love the woman, she tells you as it is in a sarcastic but very funny way. She even makes fun of herself (cosmetic surgeries and her advancing age).

  15. Joana says:

    Joan Rivers is a no holds barred comedian, I really love her. I always love to see her show on E! channel dishing out comments on bad dresses of celebrities.

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