Reviewed by Aaron Mills

Frankenweenie is similar to the story of Frankenstein. It is a “stop-motion” movie directed by Tim Burton. The story is typical Tim Burton. Frankenweenie is a remake and an expansion of Tim Burton’s 1984 short film which is essentially the same plot.

It is about a nerdy strange, isolated and eccentric boy named Victor who resurrects his beloved pet dog the same way Frankenstein resurrected his monster creation in the classic movie. Victor’s dog passed away but he got the idea of resurrecting the dog after hearing the lecture of a brilliant science teacher with an Eastern European accent regarding electrical storm. Victor learns the facts necessary to bring back his beloved pet Sparky.

Victor was able to resurrect Sparky although the dog draws flies, loses body parts and sometimes leaks.

The envious classmates of Victor discover that he has tampered with natural law and blackmailed Victor. They spread the secret among the students who created monstrosities out of their dead pets.

The whole movie is shot in black and white which lends to the overall and classic Halloween mood of the movie. The overall affect is great cinema and a visual feast. It is full of visual delights for everybody of all ages. The movie is dark but it is softhearted. It is not Tim Burton’s best but it is fun.

Winona Ryder provided the voice of Elsa Van Helsing a girl neighbor of Victor, Charlie Taran provided the voice of Victor, Catherine O’Hara and Martin Short provided the voices of Victor’s parents.


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5 Responses to Frankenweenie

  1. nancymoores says:

    Winona Ryder should make more movies she is really a great and talented actress.

  2. Nice story and great animation.

  3. Larry H says:

    This is a wonderful horror story for the kids and kids at heart.

    Tim Burton creates films that turns the cold into something warm and fuzzy. This is a so cute movie even with the creepy subject matter.

  4. Cougar Girl says:

    Glad to see Winona Ryder is actively making movies again, she is just a talented actress.

  5. Movie Fan Girl says:

    I am a fan of Tim Burton movies, this one is not his best compared to his other cartoon movies. This one is spooky with some comedy. Kids will like it.

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