Flight is an action thriller movie about an ace and high functioning alcoholic and drug addict pilot who was able to crash land his plane after a midair problem saving almost all the passengers and crew. He was initially hailed a hero until his personal problems with alcohol and drugs surfaced.

Whip Whitaker is a veteran and currently a commercial pilot. He is confident and in control but he is also usually drunk and high on drugs. This is the shape he is in during the morning of a flight. It was a rainy morning and he and his co-pilot had a hard time taking off. This demonstrated that he is an ace pilot. He was able to crash land the plane by flying it upside down to stabilize the plane before landing.

While on the hospital Whip met Nicole who has her own problem with substance abuse.

Investigators started to question Whip who suspects he has drinking problem but Whip insisted with the help of his lawyer that plane crashed because of mechanical failure, not his and that he actually saved lives.






Unlike the character of Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, Whip in Flight is not soaked in self destruction. He is a function alcoholic and drug addict. The movie is about the courageousness to overcome his drug and alcohol problem.

Whip was able to overcome his addiction by admitting during the NTSA investigation about his addiction. The movie is doing very well until this happened; it turned into a melodramatic ending.

Flight is a hard-hitting look at the life of people with substance abuse from the cancer patient in the hospital, Nicole who was able to face her problems and Whip who is a functioning alcoholic and drug addict.

Denzel Washington’s performance will be acknowledged during next year’s award season. John Goodman played the candy man/pusher who is always there when Whip needs his drugs, Don Cheadle played his lawyer and Kelly Reilly played Nicole. The movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis. All actors in the film gave exceptional performances.

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4 Responses to Flight

  1. Richard_Dallas says:

    This is a good solid movie powered by an all-star performance.

    The first half hour of the movie is gripping, lots of drug use, drinking with some nudity. The plane turbulence and crash are so intense and frightening.

  2. Roseane says:

    Flight should win some awards; the story is unusual but I hated the ending. They could have come up with a better ending. Ending is really lousy.

  3. Adrian says:

    Denzel did a good job on the acting department and the movie had some story to tell but it did have a lousy ending. They could have done a better ending.

  4. Larry H says:

    It has an amazing acting but average story. Amazing acting from Denzel Washington and John Goodman.It has uneven tones with unnecessary nudity.

    This is a very different movie for Robert Zemeckis the director.

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