Life of Pi

Life of Pi is an adaptation of a novel which is about a young Indian boy whose family is forced to migrate from India and survives a disaster at sea and undergoes an epic journey of adventure. While cast away at sea, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with a Bengal tiger who also survives the disaster.

The two main characters is Pi and the Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Pi and the tiger got their names by comic accident. Pi’s actual name is Piscine but changed to Pi after his uncle’s favorite French swimming pool, the Piscine Molitor in Paris but he changed it to Pi (the Greek letter) after his classmates made fun of his name. His father owns a a zoo and became fascinated with a Bengal tiger who was caught by a hunter named Richard Parker. The tiger became Richard Parker when the name of the hunter and tiger was accidentally reversed.

Pi’s family decided to migrate to Canada taking the zoo animals with them to be sold. The ship capsized in the Pacific Ocean and Pi found himself in a lifeboat with a zebra, hyena and Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger.

The survival at the sea takes up half of the movie. The zebra and hyena did not survive but Pi and Richard Parker did. They were adrift for 227 days which is a test mental adaptation and physique. Both human and tiger learned how to coexist in order to survive.

Life of Pi is a powerful movie and with a magnificent cinematography. It has outstanding visual effects and it is a thrilling tale about survival. There are parts of the movie that are slow in pacing but some parts are also near perfect.  The movie is visually stunning with a fascinating story. Besides the cheesy ending, Life of Pi is almost perfect.

Taiwanese director Ang Lee directed the movie.

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9 Responses to Life of Pi

  1. texangirl1 says:

    this is one bad ass movie so cool the story is very original.

  2. Adelle says:

    I agree and it deserved the Best Cinematography for 2012 Oscar.

  3. Joan W says:

    Life of Pi has the best cinematography of all movies made last year…..beautiful shots specially the shots at the ocean.

  4. Willy H says:

    The cinematography is magnificent, the shots are so good.

  5. Richard_Dallas says:

    Life of Pi is a movie something to behold. The cinematography is a visual feast with a great story.

    It is a powerful film and a visual masterpiece. The 3D really worked very well and the performances of the actors and actresses are also great.

  6. Roseane says:

    I love this movie, the story, the cinematography but again it has a lousy ending like Flight. It should win some awards though.

  7. Trisha says:

    The film should win some awards this is really a great film, it has story and very well done.

  8. Dolly says:

    This is the most beautiful computer generated movie of the year. The scenery out in the sea is marvelous.

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