Identity Thief

Identity Thief

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Identity Thief is about Diana who has unlimited funds which have allowed her to live it up on the outskirts of Miami. She buys whatever strikes her fancy. She is able to do this using somebody else identity: Sandy Bigelow Patterson. The real Sandy is a guy is an investment form accounts representative who lives in Denver.

Diana is a habitual liar and a scam artist. She posts as somebody else to rob their credit accounts. You try to feel sorry for Diana but you can’t.Identity Thief 3

With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to Florida in order confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life.

Since the Denver police are helpless, he attempted to bribe, coax and wrangle to bring her to Denver to confess in order to save his job and family.Identity Thief 4

This movie is for those who could care less about a bad premise, bad movie reviews, misfired gags, false sentimentality and obtuse characters. These are all part of the fun. The main purpose of this movie is to have a good laugh and be entertained.

Melissa McCarthy proves beyond doubt that she can carry a movie; she just needs to find one worthy of her efforts. Identity Thief is a waste for her talent. Without her, the movie would have been a bomb.

It starts Melissa McCarthy as Diana and Jason Bateman as Sandy Patterson. Directed by Seth Gordon.Identity Thief 5

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13 Responses to Identity Thief

  1. She is one of the funniest actress in Hollywood and she is not making the same comedic movies she does make some drama-comedy too.

  2. Brit in Florida says:

    Saw Tammy last weekend and it is the same as Identity Thief, funny with a little bit of drama. Love Melissa M and her movies really funny.

  3. asian kid in LA says:

    Melissa McCarthy is such a funny lady she should make some movies that are memorable that way she will have a very long carrier.

  4. Cameron Girl says:

    This movie was barely passable but Melissa McCarthy is really good. The rest of the movie set around her is fair at best. This is a waste of Melissa McCarthy’s talent.

  5. Austin C says:

    Although most of the reviews are negative I want to see this movie. I was ready for a light comedy and these actors are proven to me. I don’t need any earth-shaking plot, just plain entertainment. I enjoyed it!

  6. Joan W says:

    Two very talented stars comedy movie that is boring and flat that has a few laughs now and then. This is a waste of talent for Bateman and McCarthy.

  7. Erica says:

    Melissa McCarthy proves that she is more than capable of carrying a film. She brings life and hilarity to a very disorganized movie.

  8. James B says:

    Pretty funny film with a few laugh out loud scenes, but it felt like this was something we have seen before.

  9. Dolly M. says:

    All critics are just plain harsh. I’m still a big fan of Melissa McCarthey. If the critics don’t like the movie, they should not go and see it.

    But I agree the movie is just for laughs.

  10. Patty says:

    I went and saw this movie and I struggled throughout the movie. The movie was good and I liked it, but it just moved so slow and was very boring at times. Could have used a lot more laughs.

  11. Willy H says:

    Melissa McCarthy tried her best to keep the movie afloat, but not even her could save this movie. Jason Bateman unapologetically mails in his performance, although it’s not like the script gives him many real moments to play off of McCarthy in earnest. There are some clever camerawork that really helps to break up the monotony but otherwise the film run out of gas pretty quickly.

  12. Sal says:

    If Melissa McCarthy is going to become a household name in the movies she can’t do it by just playing the “fat woman with an abrasive personality and a foul mouth. It doesn’t help that the movie clings to other clichés and conventions, either.

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