Oz the Great and Powerful

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Oz the Great and Powerful is a Disney reinterpretation of L. Frank Baum’s beloved wizard character. When Oscar Diggs a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics from Kansas, is hurled away to the Land of Oz by a tornado, he thought he hit the jackpot until he meets three witches, Theodora, Evanora and Glinda. The three witches are expecting a great wizard and they are not convinced Oscar Diggs is the great wizard everyone is expecting.

Oscar is the typical womanizer. While in Oz, he first met Oz 1Theodora and used his charm on her. She was hurt when Oscar favored Glinda the Good and because of this she turn nasty, dark and her appearance turned ugly.

Evanora who has control of the Emerald City strategically used the hurt felt by Theodora to defeat Glinda who now resides in a castle.

Oz 2Oscar is reluctantly drawn into the epic problems facing the Land of Oz and its inhabitants. He put his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity-and even a bit of wizardry to defeat Evanora and Theodora in order to save the Emerald City. Oscar transformed himself not only into the great wizard but into a better man as well.

The visual effects are great and impressive; the tornado and the hot air balloon that carried Oscar to the Land of Oz, the scenery after Oscar landed, the porcelain China Town, the Emerald City and Glinda’s castle. The big showdown between Oz and the witches is terrific.Oz 4

James Franco is perfect as Oscar Diggs the small-time hustle magician from Kansas and Mila Kunis is also perfect as the wicked Theodora.

James Franco stars as Oz the Wizard, Rachel Weisz as Evanora, Mila Kunis as Theodora as the Wicked Witch, and Michelle Williams as Glinda.

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23 Responses to Oz the Great and Powerful

  1. linhosmond says:

    Rachel Weisz is a versatile actress from the heroine to anti heroine, love her.

  2. asian kid in LA says:

    Like this remake better than the original one it has better story and not to mention the technical aspect. Most remakes are no better or worst than the original but not this one.

  3. gold price says:

    When Oscar Diggs (played by James Franco), a small-time circus magician with few ethics, is whisked away from dusty Kansas to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot with fame and fortune being his for the taking. But unfortunately for Oscar, his luck is about to run out – He unwittingly runs into three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz), and Glinda (Michelle Williams), who are not convinced he is the great wizard everyone’s been expecting.

  4. Diane Morrow says:

    Oscar, now King of Oz, using his projector to sustain the belief he is a powerful wizard. He also presents gifts to his friends: Master Tinker, who helped build his machines, receives Oscar’s camping-tool jackknife; Knuck, the grumpy Munchkin herald, receives a mask with a smiley face; the long-suffering Finley receives Oscar’s friendship along with his top hat; and China Girl accepts her friends as her new family. Finally, Oscar takes Glinda behind the curtains of his projector and kisses her.

  5. Lamar Jacobs says:

    When small-time magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) pulls one flimflam too many, he finds himself hurled into the fantastical Land of Oz where he must somehow transform himself into the great wizard—and just maybe into a better man as well.

  6. Hillary Girl says:

    Love Oz, I think this is a much better film than the original, storyline is better and of course it is better made also.

    The scenery shots are amazing.

  7. Yolanda says:

    I am unimpressed with Oz, it is not funny or entertaining. The movie is made only for visual impact.

  8. Adelle says:

    The character of Franco is a major component of the movie but it was not fully developed. Franco himself did not do a good job acting the part. I couldn’t tell any emotion when he delivers his lines.

  9. Aaron S says:

    This Disney movie is is somewhat well made but it was made to be mostly just a money grab.

  10. James B. says:

    The cinematography is really great, it may not have the best storyline but the cinematography more than made up for the weak storyline.

  11. Claire B. says:

    The story line is a very thin. What carried the movie are the special effects makes this sort of prequel to The Wizard of Oz a fun movie. James Franco is perfect and was the right choice for Oz. Great job to all three witches.

  12. Marie S. says:

    Great prequel to the original movie but it is inconsistent with the original. Entertaining though and great for kids.

  13. Joanne says:

    There is no character development but the movie has visual style: all over movie. With James Franco as the perfect Oz.

  14. Sandra says:

    I am absolutely in love with the whole world of Oz, from the original film to the cartoon series to the beautiful Return to Oz to the original book series. This movie is the exact return to the world of Oz: it is filled with wonder, excitement.

  15. Dana says:

    It has great story, it is lovable and humorous. I really loved the humor I laughed most of the movie. It is an update of the original Oz although with different story with a twist. There is no Toto but instead a flying monkey, no Dorothy but Oz the magician.

  16. Erilo says:

    Is it not as memorable as the 1939 MGM Classic but Oz The Great and Powerful is still a magical treat; what it lacks in great storyline is the visual effects that the original Oz don’t have. It rewards fans and general audiences with visual power, fun, charms and great story line.

  17. Eddie says:

    There is literally no character development within any of the characters throughout the entire two hours of visual style over story. With James Franco miscast as Oz he makes him look more like Odd the Dull and Powerless when lacking charisma.

  18. Jimmy says:

    It is a beautiful movie and the special effects were magnificent. But it is not as great as the original Oz movie and some parts are boring and dull. The only thing that actually happened was the take-over of OZ, which was awesome. But everything else not so good.

  19. Andrew says:

    Oz the Great and Powerful dazzles in visuals and wonder. It’s a magical story with lots of amusement and manages to capture some of what the original was and I was able to get some nostalgic feeling from it but it doesn’t quite compare to the original, although it holds its own as an entertaining movie.

  20. Nan W. says:

    The first hour is too slow with the characters not developed properly, establishes an odd sense of humor and caters too much to unneeded stuff that’s just there for 3D viewers. It wrapped up things nicely it cannot be considered a total failure.

  21. Nancy says:

    While it is not comparable to the classic Judy Garland musical movie, this Oz is an enjoyable insight into the origins of the Wizard and the wicked witches. Great and stunning visuals with performances by some of the actors and actresses helped make this an enjoyable film.

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