American Hustle

American Hustle is a film loosely based on a political scandal in the late 1970’s New Jersey where the mob, politicians and the FBI are entangled together.

American Hustle 1

A con man and his equally cunning and seductive partner were forced to work for an FBI agent to entrap a local politician in New Jersey, the mob and some Washington politicians. Irving Rosenthal is the brilliant con man who has several con jobs all at the same time inorder to support his unstable wife. With Sydney Prosser as his partner, the two were forced to work for Richie DiMaso, the wild FBI agent to entrap Carmine Politio, the local political operator who is passionate but volatile trying to American Hustle 2start a casino project in Atlantic City.The movie is very well made with a very good storyline, well developed characters with the main actors doing very good acting jobs particularly Amy Adams as Sydney Prosser and Christian Bales as Irving Rosenthal. Jennifer Lawrence also did a nice job although her acting in the film is over the top like what she in Silver Linings Playbook. Amy Adams characterization of Sydney Prosser with her British accent is astonishing. American Hustle 3

The production design is also worth mentioning; the 1970’s era is well projected with the very colorful and flamboyant clothes and music of that time and of course the “big” hair of the women. Christian Bale is unrecognizable with his bad over-comb and belly.

American Hustle 4The script and dialogues are also very good with numerous “quotable quotes” although it was not overdone to the point of telenovela dialogues.

Christian Bale stars as Irving Rosenthal, Amy Adams as Sydney Prosser, Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn the wife/girlfriend of Irving Rosenthal, Bradley Cooper as Richie DiMaso and Jeremy Renner as the political operator Carmine Politio. Robert DeNiro is in supporting role as the mob boss.American Hustle 5

American Hustle 6

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17 Responses to American Hustle

  1. rachel 3654 says:

    This one of the best if not the best movie made in 2013. The story line is very good which is about flawed and complex characters.

  2. San Diego Fan says:

    One of the best if not the best movie of 2013. Great story, great production design and great acting, almost everything is great with this movie. Amy Adams specially made a great acting job.

  3. Seatle Pam says:

    Great story and great acting, this is what a movie should be.

  4. London Kelly says:

    Great production design and very good story too one of the best film of 2012.

  5. sandy says:

    This is one of the best movie made in 2012, great story and great cast. The story is really well thought and production design is done well too besides the great acgting job made by the main characters and very good character development too. Well done!

  6. J Cruise818 says:

    This is one great movie from the story, cinematography, production design with the 70’s, music and acting. This should win award.

  7. chrisla says:

    American Hustle is very well written with a touch of comedy, my first reaction is to laugh at the initial scene where Christian Bale is fixing his comb-over. I did not recognize it was Christian Bale at all.

  8. MJ08 says:

    This movie has quite emotional depth and most of the characters are very interesting with their own story to tell; character development is also well done where the main characters were able to tell how did they end up to where they are.

  9. NY Gal says:

    Amy Adams is dressed that cuts to her belly button in almost every single shot. It is a snoozer and very long film some parts are interesting though.

  10. RTeb says:

    Everyone did an excellent job especially Christian Bale who was almost unrecognizable.

  11. Clayton the Brit says:

    All the actors have fully developed character. Amy Adams and Jennifer are marvelous. Bradley Cooper with the perm curls is so cute.

    All the characters were made to shine on their own and have really well developed characterization. Great production design really captured the 1970’s with the customs and music.

  12. Fermin Guy of Chicago says:

    Overly long and drags in a few places.

  13. Martha of Atlanta says:

    Overly hyped movie, good cast but movie is very slow in some places.

  14. Julie S says:

    Smart, well directed, well acted and the must see of the season. It is interesting, funny and a really good film.

  15. Mike Chin says:

    Very strong nostalgia of the 1970’s from the customes, to the music. The music and style are perfect for the era so with the big hair of the women.

  16. Matina says:

    Superb cast and superbly acted. The movie draws you in and holds you, never a dull moment.

  17. Helen90 says:

    One of my favorite films of the year with great story but what attracted me to see the film is the acting done by the main actors specially Amy Adams.

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