Her 1Her is a sci-fi romance about a withdrawn writer who falls in love with his highly advanced operating system of his computer.

Theodore is a loner and struggling with his divorce from Catherine which made him guarded but his work at beautifulhandwrittenletters.com requires him an outpouring of emotions when he writes. He purchased an operating system for his computer where operating system voice is that of a woman which is sultry; the voice name is Samantha.

Samantha keeps Theodore’s schedule and encouraged him to get back out there and go on a blind date. His blind date critiques his kissing abilities and scolded him for refusing to have a relationship.

Her 2

Despite the title Her, the movie is really about Him, Theodore Twombly. He is a sad man with a boring job and a broken heart. He finds his relationship with a computer operating system is more rewarding than the real relationship with another human being. The movie is a timely exploration of human loneliness and the advances in computer technology and man’s obsession with technology.her 3

The movie is a creative romance film; it is about loneliness yet it is presented in a funny way. It is a creative storytelling about loneliness, romance, technology and it is told in a funny way.

It stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore Twombly, Amy Adams as Amy, Scarlett Johansen as Samantha, Rooney Mara as Catherine and Chris Pratt as Paul, written and directed by Spike Jonze.

Her 4

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17 Responses to Her

  1. Love this movie, saw it several times on Netflix Joaquin Phoenix is great.

  2. Katie Phoenix says:

    This is a great movie with very original story, it is funny too.

  3. Sandy W says:

    Her is really a good movie, well acted, funny and it has a very unusual story to tell. I like Joaquin Phoenix here.

  4. Olivia s says:

    One of the most beautifully made movie and has a very original story. The story is very well narrated and they could have made this movie lonely and painful bu they turn it into a comedy which makes it even better and very watchable.

  5. San Diego Fan says:

    Odd but great story, it is something original never been told before.

  6. lovenewyork says:

    This movie is odd in a good way.

  7. M Willis says:

    Odd but great story, very original and Joaquin Phoenix did a good acting job and good voiceover by Scarlett Johansenn.

  8. sandy says:

    Unusual movie with an unusual plot and Joaquin Phoenix is really good.

  9. movie fan in new york says:

    The cinematography is very good which looks like an endless stream of beautiful photographs and the musical score complements the cinematography wonderfully. Phoenix character is very relatable and likable.

  10. james789 says:

    Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is heartfelt, sensitive, and occasionally quite funny.

  11. judya7 says:

    A simple yet complicated movie it is worthy watch. The scenery , music and dialogues are amazing, it is worth watching.

  12. Kim of Seattle says:

    The best thing about this movie is that is takes what seems like on the surface a silly idea and made it thought provoking. Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix gave great performances.

  13. Bertito says:

    Joaquin Pheonix’s character is impossible to dislike. Although the movie is a romantic comedy, it is also somewhat a sci-fi movie about the future of computers.

  14. Chicago Nancy says:

    The movie is really beautiful, this is Joaquin Phoenix’s best performance. It is touching and it is really something unique, never done before.

  15. J Cruise818 says:

    A weird guy falls in love with his Operating System a Siri type thing. The whole movie is about a guy and Siri have arguments and chat. How creative is that.

  16. Craig B says:

    Very unusual and original story.

  17. Pam of Seattle says:

    One of the most original story ever, loved it.

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