August: Osage County

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Osage 1AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is an adaptation of the award winning play by Tracy Lett which is about a dysfunctional family of strong-willed women. It is a dark yet hilarious story about the strong-willed women of the Weston family. The Weston women have parted ways until a domestic crisis, a suicide in the family, brought them back to an unwelcomed reunion to the Midwest house they grew up.

The movie is an old-fashioned drama about dysfunctional families where the most memorable moments are not the domestic chaos and fighting but the modest and hushed tones.

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Osage 5The movie setting where everything happened is in the house and as in the play, the centerpiece of the movie is the family dinner that ends with Barbara lunging at Violet, making it clear that she is now in charge but realizes that she is turning like her bitter, pill-popping and unforgiving mother Violet.

The film reminds you of stage plays about the South but the way it is dealt is like trailer trash family members having a fight. On the acting side, the main characters did very well where each one was given their moment to shine.

It stars Meryl Streep as Violet Weston, Julia Roberts as Barbara Weston, Juliette Lewis as Karen Weston, Ewan McGregor as Bill Fordham, Abigail Breslin as Jean Fordham, Chris Cooper as Charles Aiken and Margo Martindale as Mattie Fae Aiken. Directed by John Wells.

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21 Responses to August: Osage County

  1. movie fanatic says:

    I liked this film and have no doubts in my mind that this is a good film. Each of the main characters have very strong personality and see them clash as they have diferrent personalities. This is a dark comedy type of movie, it is drama but it has comedy as well.

    • mark38nom says:

      Agree with you there, the cast are really good and they did deliver good performances specially Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

  2. San Diego Fan says:

    I am surprised critics called this a comedy drama, don’t see it as a comedy at all, also the story is old and not original. Having said that I enjoyed the movie.

  3. K May of London says:

    I wish there is more to the story but the movie was saved by the great performances, “August: Osage County” has some of the best performances of 2013 specially streep and Julia Roberts.

  4. Asian girl says:

    The story is nothing new, it has been told before, it is old and tired but the acting is really great and that waht helped this movie specially Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. Their acting really stands out.

  5. Judy of NY says:

    This movie is draining emotionally but superb cast. Street and Julia did a tour de force acting they need to win some awards for this movie but then again it is always expected that Ms. Streep should give good acting in any movie she makes.

  6. les novak says:

    Acting masterpiece for Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

  7. celerystalk says:

    This is not a comedy and the trailers are a lie good movie too.

  8. baguette says:

    This is not a funny movie not even a dark, how it is billed as a comedy floors me.

  9. Carol2 says:

    The movie needs to be seen only because Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are in it otherwise the story is blah.

  10. barbie90 says:

    There are better films about family drama and the movie is held together by the writing and the performances but some of the scenes are over the top.

  11. M Walters says:

    August: Osage County is a film that reveals literally nothing about itself from its title, but since it scored Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts Academy Award nominations and had an excellent cast, it simply had to be seen.

  12. lovenewyork says:

    Certainly a plot & script of a play rather than a movie, but the acting is incredible. If you like Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts then you don’t to miss this one.

  13. M Willis says:

    Great acting by Julia Roberts and as usual meryll Streep.

  14. Montreal Movie Fan says:

    Drama, dark yet funny.

  15. sandy says:

    Great acting masterpiece for Julia Roberts and Meryll Streep although the story is tired subject matter.

  16. Robert of LA says:

    Drama at the same time it is wickedly dark funny, great acting job by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

  17. Melanie blah blah blah says:

    You are correct, this movie is a trailer trash version of the soap opera Dallas.

  18. movie fan in new york says:

    This is an art film that works at its best. The movie is about character development and riveting dialogue and not about flashy production design and visuals. Absolutely one of the most brilliant film of the season.

  19. james789 says:

    Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are on fire, both actresses are with amazing talents. The movie is dark and funny at the same time.

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