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Divergent 1Divergent is an action thriller based on the young adult novel series by Veronica Roth. It is set in Chicago 100 years into the future where people are divided into five factions based on their human virtues and defining traits. The Divergents are a dangerous a set of people that never fit into these factions. Tris Prior is warned she is a Divergent and discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to destroy all Divergents. Tris and the mysterious Four joined forces in order to find out the reason why Divergents are so dangerous before it is too late.

Divergent bears a lot of resemblance to “The Hunger Divergent 2Games” with themes of female empowerment and individuality mixed with teen romance in futuristic environment of violence, political and social unrest.

The story is solid and well told, the main characters are well developed but a few characters are under developed which will be a problem future series. The actors did a good job with good cinematography and production design. It is relatively long with a running time of 2 hours and 20 minutes but it has enough good action scenes to keep you interested.Divergent 3

The movie is another young adult movie being shaped into a series and may have a good chance of turning into one with its strong themes and the movie being well made except that the theme is not original. It is almost an exact copycat of “the Hunger Games” with the same theme of young adults trying to conform in a dystopian future.Divergent 4

If you have seen “the Hunger games” and you are an adult, there’s no need to see Divergent but if you are a teenager go ahead and see it, you will like it.

It stars Shaeilene Woodley as Tris Prior, Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews, and Theo James as Four. Directed by Neil Burger.

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13 Responses to Divergent

  1. This is one sequel of movies better suited for the small screen.

  2. timbookyu2 says:

    Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas, there is nothing original at all about this movie.

  3. Not a Fan says:

    Another movie based on a teenager fiction book intended for a sequel which is very similar to The Hunger Games movie series. This is a lazy adaptation of a novel.The whole movie is barely entertaining.

  4. clay kit says:

    There is a lack of excitement and no originality. It’s like Hunger Games meet Harry Potter.

  5. L Lawrence says:

    Kate Winslet and more of the actors and actresses did a good job in the acting department, too bad nothing else is good with the movie and it is super long.

  6. Katie Phoenix says:

    Great production design but other than that nothing else. Made purely to make money.

  7. Amy Lav says:

    Divergent is a photocopy of several past movies like Hunger Games, Twilight series, and Harry Potter. No originality at all, no original story, design. The movie is being made just to make money and make it into a series too.

    • Paul28 says:

      I agree, the movie was made mealy to make money they did not bother to make it good at all. Nothing wrong in making tons of money but at least you need to deserve and work for it.

  8. t lerner says:

    For those who have read the books, this is just trash. I it was going to be entertaining like the book but was disappointed, not very interesting at all. It is way too long and very slow.

  9. Bob Kim says:

    Although the movie is not very original at al, it has some good qualities like the production design and cinematography.

  10. Shiradam says:

    I enjoyed the movie, it has solid story telling and production design is good as well but there seems to be no originality very similar to Hunger games.

  11. Yucaipa lady says:

    Went to see the movie last weekend with a friend and disappointed, there is no originality at all on the story very similar to Hunger games.

  12. A Ball29 says:

    Went to see the movie last night and you are right, if you have seen The Hunger games, no need to see this movie.

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