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Under the Skin 1Under the Skin is about an alien that took a human form and is in a journey through Scotland. The alien took the form of a woman dropped on earth for the purpose of capturing men. It is not clear what happens to those men. They are brought into a pitch-black zone, submerged in a liquid, and seem to have their innards sucked out.

The film begins with the construction of that eye and the first half of the movie is spent on the hunt and the disposition of the prey. The characters have no names; all but Scarlett Johansson are random people whom the actress spotted while driving the streets of Glasgow and seduced into her van. It is not clear what happens to the men after they were lured to the van by the alien.

Under the Skin 2

Scarlett Johansson did an outstanding performance using mostly her body and eyes with minimum dialogue although her Scottish accent is almost incomprehensible. Her performance is almost masterful set against a bleak Scottish landscape.

The movie is weird and creepy but in a good way; it is brutal and provocative from start to the end but portions of the film is slow and sometimes boring. If you are into big production and eye candy movies, you may not like Under the Skin. This is an “artsy” movie.

Under the Skin 3

It stars Scarlett Johansson as Laura, Paul Brannigan as Andrew and Jessica Mance as the Alien. Directed by Jonathan Glazer and written by Walter Campbell.

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7 Responses to Under the Skin

  1. timbookyu2 says:

    Artsy movie and like other movies of its kind, it is trash and rubbish.

  2. Bacon girl says:

    One of the most sensible movie that comes out this year, good acting job by Scarlett Johansson.

  3. atlanta movie fan says:

    Slow moving and haunting, many images and scenes will not let me go. Terrific and tough. Surrounding a few glorious moments this movie is hard to watch horror/thriller but very artsy.

  4. Lis Gibson says:

    Very stylish movie, minimum dialogue and very good acting. Great movie.

  5. movie fan says:

    Simple movie but great, it is all about the acting by Scarlett Johansson, very low key rating but very effective not too much dialogue. Great movie.

  6. r kim says:

    Under the Skin is one great movie, stylish and need to pay attention order to get the story.

  7. jason b says:

    The movie is dark and stylish, like it a lot.

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