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Oculus 1Oculus is a drama and horror movie about siblings Tim and Kaylie. Tragedy struck their lives when Tim was convicted of the murder of their parents ten years ago.

Tim wants to move on with his life after being released from protective custody but Kaylie is still haunted by what happened and is convinced that their parents death were caused by a supernatural force unleashed through an antique mirror, a Lasser Glass in their childhood home.

Kaylie is determined and went out her way to prove the innocence of Tim and tracks down the Lasser Glass mirror and learns of the similar deaths that have befallen previous owners over the past century.  Tim and Kaylie’s hold on reality is shattered by terrifying hallucinations and realize that their childhood nightmare is beginning again. They are not sure if what is happening is real or memory.

Oculus 3

The first half of the movie re-tells the childhood events of Tim and Kaylie through Oculus 2flashbacks; these flashbacks bleed into their present lives until they are not sure whether what is happening is reality, imagination or part of their memory.

The story is not told straight forward, it will make you think, re-think and sometimes freaks and scares you a little bit. You will wonder whether what is happening is a fake or reality and the ending is definitely one of the best and original ending.

Oculus 4

The story and the way it is told is really great and each of the main character is fully developed. The movie takes a simple story of a haunted mirror, tells the story is a flashback manner, makes you think about the story and makes you jump a little bit.

It stars Karen Gillan as Kaylie and Brenton Thwaites as Tim; directed and written by Mike Flanagan.

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9 Responses to Oculus

  1. Sdavis says:

    This is really a good and scary movie with a good story.

  2. Willxxx says:

    Great story telling overall a good horror movie.

  3. timbookyu2 says:

    One of the best horror movies,very creative story telling.

  4. Bacon girl says:

    Very good story telling, I liked it.

  5. Lis Gibson says:

    This is the first good and genuine horror film to be released in years. This is the type of movie which the horror genre should be. Well-written, brilliantly executed, and terrifically scary. I recommend it to all true horror fans.

  6. Carol 789 says:

    A terrific haunting film with amazing scary and a great story to go along with it. In the tradition of films like The Shining. So far the best scary horror movie of the year.

  7. ariyoung says:

    This is not that bad for a horror movie. The whole mirror monster has been done before but what made this movie refreshing was the complete mind trip that was going on throughout the movie. I spent most of the time confused yet it made sense by the end. It was all over the place but slowly, I was able to piece things together.

  8. movie fan says:

    The best horror movies for quite quite some time, good story, I like the twists in how the story was told.

  9. r kim says:

    One of the best scary movie for a while, great story telling and character development. Movie with a twist.

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