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Transcendence 1Transcendence is a sci-fi about Dr. Will Caster who is a scientist and at the forefront in the field of Artificial Intelligence research. He is working to create a robot that has human emotions and has the intelligence of everything ever known. The movie is about uploading a man’s brain into a computer and the computer turns against everyone.

His experiments is highly controversial and made him very famous, but also made him the target of a group of Transcendence 2anti-technology extremists. However, in their attempt to destroy Dr Caster, the group inadvertently becomes the catalyst for the controversial scientist to succeed; to be a participant in his own transcendence and nothing is going to stop the scientist in his quest.

Transcendence 3

The story is all over the map and predictable right from the first scene where a scruffy Max Waters are wandering through a destroyed city with no electricity, running water and internet. Max Waters takes us on a flashback tour before the experiments of Dr. Casper; Max and the doctor used to be friends and are the toast of the technology world. Dr. Casper was shot at a conference by the extremists where some of his colleagues were killed; he initially recovered but soon fell ill due to polonium poisoning.  In order to save his life, his consciousness is uploaded to a computer by his wife and Max.

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The movie is not bad but not good either where you will forget about it within a few weeks. The movie is not about reality or accuracy; the goal is to entertain and to get you to think about possibilities. The concept of the story is great however the movie is poorly executed in telling the story. Most part of the movie is slow and even dragging at times.

It is not worth watching in theaters; wait for it in DVD.

It stars Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, Paul Bettany as Max Waters, Rebecca Hall as Evelyn and Morgan Freeman as Joseph Tagger tagger; directed by Wally Pfister and written by Jack Paglen.

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14 Responses to Transcendence

  1. NY Bob says:

    All of his movies lately have bombed in the box office, movie viewers are getting tire of Johnny Depp.

  2. Kumar12345 says:

    Johnny Depp better make a blockbuster movie soon or he will called a “has been”. All his movies lately have tanked in the box office.

  3. moviegirlseattle says:

    Went to see the movie this weekend and I liked it, good story. I don’t see how critics did not like it. What’s there not to like, I don’t understand.

  4. socalmike says:

    Critics don’t like Johnny Depp and I don’t understand why, even the Lone Ranger they did not like which is not bad of a movie at all.

  5. southerngal says:

    All the negative remarks I see about this film seem overblown and nit-picky. There are cases here and there where something could’ve been explained better but the movie is not that bad.

  6. Sdavis says:

    This film is one of those either you really dislike it or like it and I liked it. It delivered some good performances, the screenplay is good and told us the story in a fine way. You may not like the film if you don’t understand or get the story.

  7. RalphJen says:

    It was a fantastic film that should really have considered more horrible plot twists and woeful one-liners. Overall a good movie and don’t believe the critics.

  8. LondonK says:

    The is a slow, poorly executed and boring film with very bad dialogue. It had good ideasand concept as well but none of the ideas they try to use for this film work.

  9. ATL125 says:

    Transcendence has great potential, the story and concept are great but the director did not deliver and the outcome is a soso movie, while it is not Oscar material it is not bad either and I don’t understand the hate coming from critics.

  10. Southern James says:

    Went to see Transcendence last night and I don’t understand the 17% it got from Rotten Tomatoes. While it is not an Oscar nomination worthy it does not desrve the 17% from Rotten Tomatoes either.

  11. Sodukufan says:

    I really don’t understand the negative reviews while it is not the best movie it is not bad either. Critics just love to pan movies of Johnny Depp. I liked the movie.

  12. MPerex says:

    I don’t understand why the reviews. It may not be great and have not met its high expectations but its still a good film with good writing but some portions of the movie is rushed.The concept of the film is complex so it probably could have taken attention to the detail of things, Most of the actors did a good job and helped the film come together.

  13. Willxxx says:

    Transcendence has some good moments, some are creepy ones. The production design and visuals are amazing but the story is full of gigantic holes. Not a total disaster. Great concept but wasn’t dealt with properly.

  14. finLA says:

    The story is not very unique, the computer reminded me of the computer in Eagle Eye a movie that came out in 2001. The relationship between Depp in the computer and Hall reminded me of the Joaquin Phoenix/Scarlett Johanson relationship in the movie Her that come out a few months ago.

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