The Other Woman

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Other Woman 1The Other Woman is a comedy about a mistress, wife and another mistress and the revenge all three women do against the cheating husband. After discovering that her boyfriend is married and tries to get her life back on track, she accidentally meets the wife of the boyfriend and realizes that they have a lot in common.

The wife, her enemy becomes her greatest friend. Along the Other Woman 2way they discovered another woman is having an affair with the husband and all three women team up to plot a revenge on the cheating husband/boyfriend.

Like most of Cameron Diaz films, this is a low brow romantic comedy. She keeps making these types of movies which are almost carbon copies of almost all movies she is making lately. Nevertheless it is funny and cheap fun but will not recommend to see it in theaters, wait for it Netflix or DVD.

Other Woman 3

What saved this movie is the cast who are major stars specially Cameron Diaz who is natural for comedy. This movie has numerous dialogues that are funny and spontaneous. There are ridiculous situations but these are far in between and there are a lot of “situational comedy”.

It stars Cameron Diaz as Carly the first mistress, Leslie Mann as Kate the wife, and Kate Upton as Amber the second mistress. Directed by Nick Cassavetes and written by Melissa Stack.

Other Woman 4

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10 Responses to The Other Woman

  1. kathyb9 says:

    Cameron Diaz is a good actress why does she make this kind of movies, they are stupid.

  2. Maelxx says:

    Cameron Diaz has been making the same kind of movie over and over again, she is being typecast in this kind of movie.

  3. quebecmoviefan says:

    Like the Seth Rogen movie Neighbors, you would enjoy this movie if you are a teenager otherwise you need to pass and save your money.

  4. emma d78 says:

    Funny but with very thin story to no story.

  5. James D says:

    Funny movie, thin story line but with some hilarious moments but at the The Other Woman carries some pretty cheesy laughs.

  6. Candygal says:

    This movie is very funny, don’t let the low ratings from the critics fool you, it is clever, funny, and the cast is terrific. There are some ridiculous situations, but you will laugh all throughout the movie.

  7. troy m says:

    Good chemistry and a fun comedy but the movie suffers from an incohesive and a very convenient story-line. Funny but kind of silly but better than most new comedic movies.

  8. marlon p says:

    I loved it, funny and a no brainer movie. Nothing new in the rom com genre but a lot to like. Chick flick movie and good as a date movie.

  9. Buding says:

    Don’t listen to the critics and their negative reviews. My friends and went to see the movie and we thought this was hilarious, funny and we couldn’t stop laughing.

  10. Jimboy says:

    If you are into cheap fun, The Other Woman is the chick flick for you. No story or good cinamatography but what the heck, the movie is funny.

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