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Neighbors is a comedy about a young couple who are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby. The couple worked well together to try to be Neighbors 1cool married couple and be nice to the fraternity but eventually have to decline the invitation of the fraternity to join and become the nemesis of the fraternity. The movie is about the battle between a young family and their party animal fraternity neighbors.

Neighbors 4Having a fraternity house in a quiet suburban neighborhood is a nightmare. The couple next door with a newborn baby has to quiet the rude and crude fraternity either by joining the party or stopping the party. The couple tried both at some level.

There is nothing original with the movie; most of the gags are familiar and have been used in other movies before; the endless parties with alcohol and weed, fundraisers and girls. It has plenty of adult-humor from fart jokes to dick jokes which is typical of Seth Rogen movies.

Neighbors 3

If you are looking for a fresh take on a noisy fraternity in quiet neighborhood, you have to look somewhere else. Although this film has plenty of cheap and easy laughs which will keep you laughing. It has very thin plot but it has plenty of sophomoric jokes.

Neighbors 2

It stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as the couple Mac Radner and Kelly Radner,  and Zac Efron as fraternity brother Teddy Sanders. As always Seth Rogen is funny but Rose Byrne is also funny and almost stole the movie.

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10 Responses to Neighbors

  1. Umpa-umpa says:

    Seth Rogen’s brand of humor is becoming repetitive and no longer fresh, the same “adult-rated” kind of humor.

  2. LA movie critic says:

    Seth Rogen’s movies are all the same, he should do other movies other than comedy and same kind of comedy at that; it is becoming redundant.

  3. Barbarella says:

    Horrible movie not even funny, Rogen keeps on making crappy movies, so immature comedy.

  4. AmyLav says:

    Seth Rogen is making the same kind of movie over and over, it is becoming tiring and boring.

  5. mmicky says:

    No longer funny.

  6. moviegirlseattle says:

    The movie is funny if you like sexual humor not if you know what a good comedy is.

  7. Zioke says:

    Your typical Seth Rogen movie with lots of R rated humor, funny and if you are looking for a good time for about 2 hours look no further.

  8. Maelxx says:

    A comedic movie can be more than this and I’m no longer going to pay for a Seth Rogen movie. The movie is a typical Seth Rogen Comedy with a lot of sexual inuendos which is no longer funny. He needs to move on to more serious type of comedy, we have seen this type of comedy before.

  9. quebecmoviefan says:

    You would enjoy this movie if you are in high school if not save your money and pass this none. It is not funny at all, well not for adults.

  10. emma d78 says:

    It is funny but very sophomoric funny, made only for the cheap laughs typical of Seth Rogen movies.

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