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Edge of Tomorrow 1Edge of Tomorrow takes place in a not so distant future where an unrelenting assault of an alien race known as Mimics has hit the Earth which is beyond the capability of any human military. With the planet under attack from the aliens, an inexperienced officer Major William Cage is sent in a suicide mission where he is killed immediately.

Major Cage was thrown into a “Groundhog Day” style time loop where he lives out the same scenario over and over; he fights, he dies, he fights again. Every day he wakes up and finds Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski who is always meeting him for the first time. Rita trains Major Cage and both plot a way to prevent Major Cage being killed. With the help of Rita, each time he fights, he Edge of Tomorrow 2becomes learns something and becomes more skilled. As both fights the aliens, each encounter gets them closer to winning against the aliens. They have to kill the Omega Mimic in order to win; the Omega Mimic is hiding under the glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum in France.

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Edge of Tomorrow is an epic sci-fi blend of “Groundhog Day” and “Starship Troopers”; it is a very entertaining action movie with a very sharp sense of humor. It is one of the more imaginative sci-fi/action thrillers in recent years. It has a very good script, exciting visuals and the story is told very well.

It is packed with actions but it has enough humor, drama and the plot is complex which makes this move a perfect summer blockbuster. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have perfect chemistry. The relationship between the two main characters was handled pretty well where it did not overshadowed the main story but never the less it makes you interested on what would happen to this relationship.

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It is a great role for Tom Cruise but has played somewhat similar roles before. Like some in his previous movies, he has played the role so well; self-absorbed asshole but changes into a decent human being.

It stars Tom Cruise as Major William Cage, Emily Blunt as Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski and directed by Doug Liman.

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20 Responses to Edge of Tomorrow

  1. jeronimo11 says:

    All the movies, or maybe almost all, are big budget and big blockbusters he needs to make memorable ones to make him relevant.

  2. seanskelton2101 says:

    Every movie Tom Cruise is making are all big budget movies intended to make money, as an actor he should also make small but memorable movies.

  3. K May says:

    Unusual and great story.

  4. Kumar12345 says:

    One of the best movie of Tom Cruise and critics loved it too bad it did not earn as expected in the box office but I’m sure it will recoup the money that was spent in making it.

  5. Inga says:

    One of the best movie of the year so far, great story telling, story line is awesome, great action scenes and most of all great chemistry between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

  6. LAmoviefan says:

    Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt seems to have good chemistry.

  7. southerncritic says:

    Groundhog Day meets action, great concept and the movie is well done. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have very good chemistry.

  8. moviefreak says:

    Edge of Tomorrow is an exciting, well-executed and action-packed sci-fi blockbuster and it is alo very edgy. Looking at the trailer, I was afraid this movie is going to feel repetitive, but it was a great experience. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt really blended well together.

  9. Emmy says:

    Finally went to see the movie last night and I love it, good story as well as visuals lots and lots of action too.

  10. James D says:

    Although the plot and concept are not original and has been done before, The Edge of Tomorrow worked very well with very good story telling and not over done, good chemistry between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

  11. C Sheperd says:

    Almost as good as the other sci-fi movies of Tom Cruise like Minority Report. Although others may say it is Starship Troopers mixed with Groundhog Day, it benefits from the comparison to both and is its own movie.

  12. Mick M says:

    The visual effects were spectacular which blended very well with the story of Major Cage and Rita Vrataski as they battle an alien invasion. Special kudos to Cruise who made the journey of Major cage very believable as he evolved from a coward to the experienced, resolved warrior who finds a way to fight back in this desperate war like Bill Murray made Groundhog Day.

  13. filmcarzygal says:

    Movie is edgy, exciting and suspenseful. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt fit ad blended nicely. The movie has a bit of unexpected humor to soften the extreme action visual effects.

  14. Movie Guy says:

    Very well done time-loop movie without getting too repetitive. The film blends brutal violence, action and comedy very well. Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise are terrific especially Tom Cruise.

  15. kmlondon says:

    Love Emily Blunt on action.

  16. JC says:

    Nice to see Emily Blunt getting an action role. Ground Hod Day meets Independence Day. Thoroughly well made sci fie film. It had it all, thrills, chills, drama, comedy, action. Tom Cruise was in top form, he’s till got it. As one reviewer said, “the summer blockbuster done right.”

  17. m perezz says:

    Confusing and repetitive but fun.

    A very clever and entertaining film with excellent battle scenes and are awesome. But not very original though have seen the concept before with Groundhog Day.

  18. Emily says:

    The movie is a thrilling feast for the eyes where the main character actually has a character, where the main female character did not succumb to the Hollywood pressures of falling in love and retains her independence, the movie is dramatic but also funny in a way.

  19. donharvey says:

    The premise of time-loop is not original and has been used many before, but in this movie there are exciting visuals and very good storytelling to make this one a thrilling movie that is unpredictable and expertly designed.

  20. FW says:

    Great plot and concept however this has been done before, not original at all.

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