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Tammy 1Tammy idea of escaping her misfortunes is not hitting the road with her grandmother who has an itch to see Niagara Falls.  Tammy does not have a dream life to begin with but bad luck runs in her blue collar family. She is having a bad day; her clunker car is totaled when she run over a deer, got fired from her job at a burger joint which is greasy, went home and found her husband having sex in her own house.

To run away from her demons she decided to hit the road with her boom box but she is broke and without a car. Her only option is her grandma who has a car and wanted to see Niagara Falls. Grandma Pearl is alcoholic who always has a bottle of whisky to drown her sorrows. The two decided to take a “healing trip” to Niagara Falls which is  not exactly the escape Tammy Tammy 2had in mind but she had no money and a car which grandma has both. Hitting the road with her grandma may not be what she had in mind but it may be what she needs.

Tammy is a tart-tongued comedy with few creative surprises. Melissa McCarthy’s trademark crude jokes are stamped all over the movie. Once again she plays a brash and trash-talking woman but whose arrogance conceals her vulnerability and in need of acceptance.

Tammy 3

While Tammy is a run-of-the-mill may not be an award winning movie, it has funny moments and the playful rapport between Melissa McCarthy and her supporting cast is more than enough to make you laugh and keep you interested throughout the movie.

Tammy 4

It stars Melissa McCarthy as Tammy and Susan Sarandon as Grandma Pearl, Katy Bates as Leonor and Dan Aykroyd as Don. Directed by Ben Falcone who also co-wrote the film with Melissa McCarthy.

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21 Responses to Tammy

  1. lovesfoodgal says:

    Her movies are a mixed bag of hits and misses commercially and quality and this one is one of the misses.

  2. samanthastanley10 says:

    Her movies are sometimes a miss like this one. Has a storyline but the execution is really bad and some of the jokes are so corny.

  3. Just a chatter says:

    This is not a great movie but don’t agree that it is one of the worst movies of 2014. I don’t understand why critics see it as one of the worst movies of the year, there are far worst than Tammy.

  4. K May says:

    This is a horrible movie, wasted my money on it.

  5. Les Novak says:

    Went to see the movie expecting a comedy but more than half of the movie is drama, I liked it though.

  6. Ohlala says:

    Somewhat stupid movie but never the less funny, surely will not win awards and critics will slam it but the the heck it is funny.

  7. JWLA says:

    Melissa McCarthy is hilariously funny, all her films are so funny. her movies may not earn rave reviews it is fun to watch.

  8. Bahaghari says:

    Tammy is one of those movies that critics hate but movie goers love to see and they did went to see the movie.

  9. Andres says:

    The movie did not win the hearts of critics but what the heck it is funny. Critics never like comedy.

  10. Kumar12345 says:

    Not the best movie of Melissa M, there is nothing new but it made me laugh and sometimes weep which is worth the money I paid for, so worth it.

  11. Umpa-umpa says:

    Melissa McCarthy has come a long way with playing outrageous roles from movies like Bridesmaids, Identity Thief and The Heat but there is something off about this film Tammy, and it also doesn’t seem to know what it is, a comedy or drama and it has a disoriented plot and the humor coming from Melissa McCarthy is becoming repetitive.

  12. Inga says:

    I knew going in, this movie would likely be predictable, but so were the other recent Melissa McCarthy movies, and I still had a good laugh. I don’t have a problem with the funny concept and plot, but it was poorly executed. I had a good laugh though.

  13. GB says:

    I’m not sure if this movie is comedy at all. Tammy has some moderately funny moments, but not for a second did I feel anything for its story or characters. A comedy that focuses too much on drama ends up not being a comedy in the end.

  14. LAmoviefan says:

    Melissa McCarthy is one funny lady she will go far in her career if she knows how to take good steps. She will be a big star.

  15. pppppn says:

    Not going to win awards but that is not the intent of this movie but rather to make you laugh and it has done its purpose me thinks.

  16. carol s says:

    The best part of the movie I like most and find it so funny is the dance numbr before she robbed the burger place, so so funny.

  17. Atlanta Critic of Sorts says:

    What’s up withthe critics and their BS saying Tammy is not funny, of course it is funny. Melissa McCarthy is great as ever proving that she is a powerhouse comedian.The cast is great, though talents like Allison Janney, Toni Colette were under used. Refreshing to see Susan Sarandon.

  18. Darlene Fio says:

    Another movie where I don’t care what the critics say. If you are laughing for more than an hour then it must be good.

  19. James D says:

    The plot is so confusing, is it about a road trip,Tammy being a loser, finding love? Nevertheless the movie is funny even though it is utterly mindless.

  20. southerncritic says:

    Critics never liked nor will they ever like comedy. This one is really funny Melissa and Susan Sarandon are great.

  21. Justsaying says:

    As usual she (Melissa) is very funny.

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