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Lucy 1Lucy is an action thriller about a woman who was accidentally caught in a dark deal and turns the table on her captors and got transformed and evolved into a merciless warrior with phenomenal brain capacity. It is a movie that combines ideas about time, space and mind power.

Lucy is an American student living in Taiwan and was bullied into delivering a briefcase to a Taiwanese syndicate boss. She was knocked unconscious then wakes up with a drug sewn into her abdominal cavity. The drug is experimental and is a synthetic version of some kind of human growth hormone. The bag leaked inside her body which stimulated Lucy’s brain which heightened her senses using 100% of her brain ability making her a superhuman with cognitive and memory super power.

Lucy 2

Lucy does not die and realizes that the synthetic drug has radically improved her cognitive responses and memory. This set the path to Lucy unlocking the full potential of her brain from 10% capacity to 100% capacity. She had acquired new abilities including mind reading and telekinesis.

Lucy 3

The plot is not thin at all but the characters not fully developed and the story is not told properly. There are a lot of huge holes in the story. The story is centered on Lucy’s perspective and made her unconnected to the other characters which made the supporting characters look undeveloped including Professor Norman who looked like narrating unscientific facts about the human brain.

Never the less, the movie has good very good visuals and Scarlett Johansson delivered a good performance as Lucy.

It stars Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman, directed and written by Luc Besson.

Lucy 4

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25 Responses to Lucy

  1. simonmooes8 says:

    Lucy made tons of money wonder what happened to Ghost in the Shell perhaps she is miscast, the character is Asian they should have used an Asian actress.

  2. johnbacon109 says:

    Scarlett J is becoming a major star.

  3. K May says:

    This movie is too compressed and too short.

  4. Coco says:

    Love this movie, very fast but the story is still there.

  5. Liz R says:

    I wonder why critics did not like this movie, it has great story and plot and very fast paced.

  6. Lia W says:

    Very fast pace movie however they left too much details that the movie looks half bake.

  7. Jamesny says:

    Pacing is very fast unfortunately character development suffered as there is no character development at all and lots of gaping holes on the story.

  8. Josh J says:

    Good movie with a very fast pace but because of the fast pace, character development is pretty much neglected. This movie should cement Scarlett J as a major star.

  9. Yankee789 says:

    Lucy is your typical summer movie with lots of action, fast but lacking in depth in the story.

  10. MMMMM says:

    This movie was total crap. The beginning of the movie has unnecessary cut to scenes that are supposed to be Johansson’s character making the movie with crappy character development. Lucy, look metaphorically like a mouse being chases in the African Savannah.

    This movie had a lot of potential with Scarlett Johansson & Morgan Freeman, how could you go wrong with those two in a movie? Well, this movie went horribly wrong! Absolutely hated this movie & thought it was a waste of my time

  11. Bertito says:

    Worst movie I’ve gone to in a while and it is a low point for Scarlett Johansson. I almost walked out. I’m afraid this is like when Jodie Foster did ‘Contact’ which marked the turning point in her career – that her name alone could draw people to such a bad movie. This is movie wasn’t just about poor execution – even the script is idiotic.

  12. Don Don says:

    This movie was just dumb. The story line with its flawed scientific premise of the film, just the things the characters said and did were silly. If you don’t think about it too hard, yeah, some of the photography was pretty impressive, Scarlet Johansson looked good and did the silly action sequences well and so I gave it stars for that. But the wildlife intercuts were laughable, the plot was nonsensical

  13. Kimberly786 says:

    A tight film that runs at a swift hour and 30 minutes which makes the movie very fast. Scarlett Johansson does a pretty great acting performance here, Morgan Freeman puts on one of his better performances. Overall a good film although the story had gigantic holes.

  14. Brit in Florida says:

    Fun movie with some cool concepts and just enough brains to not become convoluted. You can definitely see some Matrix influences as well as some Asian action movies as well.

    I like Luc Besson and loved so many of the scenes but in the end it somewhat didn’t all come together.

  15. Les Novak says:

    The movie tag line that we only use 10% of our brains is true, at least as far as writing and interesting direction went with this. The movie generally plods along between scenes, fails to establish any real drama and then just ends.While Scarlet Johansson manages to carry the movie with her good acting, the lack of compelling characters, plot or really making the most of her condition just makes the movie somewhat weak.

  16. Jimboy1234 says:

    Lucy has very thin story line but at the same time a very fun movie. Don’t try and make sense of it. Think of it like — what we think we know is not actually what we know. In fact.. we don’t know. Otherwise you will not enjoy it.

  17. Pepper jack says:

    It is a decent movie not the best but not that bad either. At times I was wondering what is going on; the random clips or animals and the universe and what not was just strange. Somehow I don’t get this movie.

    Interesting storyline even though it’s a little far-fetched and the ending leaves you wanting something more.

  18. Vic Amos says:

    It was a decent movie. But at times I was wondering what the hell was going on. The random clips or animals and the universe and what not was just strange. I don’t honestly get this movie. I always like to see Scarlett Johansson and she’s good here. The story tries to inject “deep thought” into the movie with Morgan Freeman giving a lecture about the evolution of the human brain.

  19. Vicky305 says:

    The plot of this movie gradually gets more and more silly. The scenes don’t transition well and don’t make much sense. So stupid it was actually fun. Wait for the video release and a rainy sick day with nothing better to do.

  20. Marl Perez says:

    Good acting by Scarlet Johansen. Great idea but poorly executed. The trailer would have you think it’s a Black Widow film but she barely sees any action.

  21. Ohlala says:

    From the start it was cheesy, then unconvincing and then the ending leaves one scratching their head. What a disappointment!!! It’s hard to believe that Morgan Freeman or Scarlett Johanson believed in this movie.

  22. James D says:

    The trailer of this movie was the best part. I found this movie to be confusing at times when she evolved. I had high expectations with the cast and the preview was promising, but it turned out to be a mess plot wise. The science even sounded like BS and many lines were very corn

  23. Seattle Movie Fan says:

    This is a silly yet fun movie. This was a fun thought provoking movie filled with violence and good special, effects, a thrilling pace, and originality. The color palette and score submerse you, Scarlett Johansson plays Lucy, a young woman who becomes exposed to a drug that unlocks her mind’s raw power. It was very entertaining.

  24. JWLA says:

    It is impressive on a technical level and intriguing that will keep the audience’s attention but it will keep you detached from the title character and to any other character in the whole film. No background at all on Lucy the main character.

  25. Maggie mm says:

    A weak movie with very thin plot and very limited character development and a lot of grotesque action and crazy ideas stitched together. But it has good acting from the decent leads, well-done action scenes and special effects.

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