The Hundred-Foot Journey

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The Hundred Foot Journey 1The Hundred-Foot Journey is based on the novel of the same name, is about two restaurant owners who operate competitive restaurants on the same street in a small French town, and come from totally different backgrounds.

Displaced from their native India due to violent politics, led by Papa the Kadam family decided to emigrate to Europe and hope to re-launch their destroyed Indian restaurant. They settled in the quaint village of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. The area is both picturesque and elegant and filled with charm which is the ideal place to settle down and open, the Maison Mumbai, an Indian restaurant run by Hassan Kadam.The Hundred Foot Journey 3
On the same street is Le Saule Pleureur, a Michelin starred, classical French restaurant run by Madame Mallory. She is a chilly chef proprietress and is not happy about Maison Mumbai. She is incensed that they dare open what she considers an inappropriate dining establishment with over-spiced food. Her protests against the new restaurant escalated into a war between the two restaurants until Hassan’s passion for French cuisine and for Madame Mallory’s enchanting sous chef, Marguerite combine with Hassan’s talent to weave magic between their two cultures. At first Mme. Mallory’s culinary rival, she eventually recognizes Hassan’s gift as a chef and takes him under her wing.

The Hundred Foot Journey 2

The general consensus is that it is a pleasant, but perhaps forgettable movie and a food porn that you should not see on an empty stomach. You may not like this movie if you are into “popcorn movies”; you may find it slow and boring. Cinematography is very good and the soundtrack is a pleasant cross between French Chanson and Bollywood.

It stars Helen Mirren as Madam Mallory, Manish Dayal as Hassan Kadam, Om Puri as Papa. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom and produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

The Hundred Foot Journey 4

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27 Responses to The Hundred-Foot Journey

  1. lagal3 says:

    Watch the movie on Netflix last weekend and made me so hungry after watching it.

  2. quebeckim2015 says:

    I was super hungry after watching this movie.

  3. troy m says:

    One of the best movie about food for quite some time. The shots of the food are so amzing makes you hungry after watching.

  4. Vegas Girl says:

    So far one of my favorite movie of the year, the cinematography specially the shots of the food is amazing it makes you hungry after watching the movie.

  5. enaj007 says:

    One yummy of a movie, love Helen Miren.

  6. Mar T says:

    This is a “yummy” movie great plot and good shots too.

  7. Brit says:

    As always Helen Miren is great and love the movie too.

  8. K May says:

    Love, love, love and love this movie. Dame Helen Miren is so great.

  9. Coco says:

    I was famished by the time I came out of the movie house, great movie.

  10. D Harvey says:

    This movie is for adult moviegoers who likes a good movie with good story with good character development. Cinematography is amazing; very good shots of the foods and rural French landscape.

  11. Likemovies says:

    Wonderful movie about food and 2 different cultures. Good story and cinematography I am sure it will get some nominations.

  12. Liz R says:

    The story was engaging. We have dueling restaurants in Southern France. One is fine French cuisine; the other is Indian. The actors were all good. This is a great small movie.

    The directing and cinematography were very good. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny. You might smile a little here and there. There are many interesting and pleasing scenes. Great Foodie movie.

  13. rj3654 says:

    This movie is not for everyone but it is me, my kind of movie. This is familiar territory likeThe Chef, Ratatouille, etc. with the same plot, but there is a uniqueness in this film. Two competing restaurants fighting for customers end up joining together in the thing they have in common: The love for food.

  14. cnewton says:

    One of the best foodie movie it is as yummy as a chocolate.

  15. Nan Klein says:

    A good movie that was very entertaining and is also funny. Though it did lack focus and jumped around to different plots without a clear beginning or marked end. Good movie specially for foodies.

  16. Mel Hamilton says:

    Helen Miren aced it. Wonderfully charming and exquisitely shot, this makes for a perfect family film. Sure, it’s got some predictable plot points and it’s nothing new, but that’s the least of the worries. The end was rather choppy, as it seemed the film didn’t know where to resolve

  17. Phillip T says:

    Great movie, it’s all about the story and plot which is amazing not to mention the stunning cinematography. It is a great date movie.

  18. Las Vegas Movie fan says:

    One of the best “food movie” I have seen and “The Hundred Foot Journey” has enthusiasm and wit to spare, and Miren is excellent as always. It will leave you in a warm and fuzzy place, and even though it was generally predictable – admit it – you had a good time.

  19. M Dreyfuss says:

    Love this movie it is charming in how it combines romance and food and has likeable characters, but doesn’t stand to be looked at too closely or you will think that the racism which is part of the story is very lightly covered over and that the entire conceit is pretty insulting to French chefs.

  20. Lia W says:

    One of the food movie I have ever seen.

  21. Jamesny says:

    I personally think this is a fantastic movie. Sweetest movie I’ve seen in a long time! The acting by every single cast member is exceptional .Definitely worth the time and cost of the movie ticket. Very good.

  22. J WLA says:

    Hundred-Foot Journey is a feel-good film with a predictable ending, but who says that a bad thing? the movie will make you smile, make you laugh, it might even bring some tears to your eyes and mostly it’ll make you hungry.

  23. Caramba says:

    Great movie for those who loves a great story, good acting and beautiful scenery. The poor old critics seem to need some deeper culinary revelation instead of just sitting back and enjoying. I’ll watch this kinds of movie instead of the usual summer movie.

  24. Josh J says:

    Good movie with a great story. Think of it as a cinematic experience to the Cheesecake Factory or Olive Garden. I love the cinematography.

  25. Yankee789 says:

    It’s a delicious journey to be enjoyed although it’s predictable and you already know how it is end. One of the better movies I have seen this summer, a much needed movie for the “loud” movies in summer. Don’t expect any explosions when you go see this movie which is a very good alternative.

  26. k may75 says:

    While the plot is totally predictable, the movie a delightfully entertaining film with Helen Mirren in fine form. True, you shouldn’t see the movie in empty stomach.

  27. DevilWearsPrada says:

    This is why we go to the movies. The Hundred-Foot Journey,” well crafted movie with Manish Dayal, Helen Merrin, Amrish Puri and Charlotte Le Bon doing a fantastic job. It tantalizes the taste buds for a foodie. Amazing story line a movie one should not miss.

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