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The Boxtrolls 1The Boxtrolls is a family movie where a community of quirky and mischievous trash-collecting “creatures” is raising an orphaned boy named Eggs. Eggs is a human who thinks he is one of them and is lovingly raised by these creatures in a cavernous home built beneath the streets of Cheesebridge. The Boxtrolls are named for the boxes they wear as clothes and Eggs is named after the label on the box that he wears. Every night they come out beneath the streets to collect from the garbage anything that strikes their fancy.

Archibald Snatcher who is the town villain wanted to get The Boxtrolls 4rid of the Boxtrolls but Eggs with the help of Winnifred decided to help the Boxtrolls by venturing above ground and into the light. Winnifred is feisty but fabulous and with the help of Eggs devised a daring plan to help the Boxtrolls.

This is a stop-motion animation movie with a simple plot and very likable but not as great as Coraline and ParaNorman. It has great character development and it is visually appealing, great animation and with great voices from the actors.

The Boxtrolls 2

The Boxtrolls may have been great if not for the simple and worn-out plot and storyline which makes it appropriate for TV. It may be visually appealing but the theme is very familiar with cute but misunderstood monsters.

With the voice of Ben Kingsley as Archibald Snatcher, Isaac Hempstead-Wrigh as Eggs, Toni Colette as Lady Portley-Rind, Elle Fanning as Winnie; directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi.

The Boxtrolls 3

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7 Responses to The Boxtrolls

  1. Sheila says:

    Very good animation.

  2. Vegas Girl says:

    I love the animation but the story is so so, the plot is not very original. The animation is really stunning. They could have done better with the story and plot given the extra ordinary animation.

  3. D James says:

    A very fun, entertaining but a dark although the movie has a great message. Although I don’t recommend it for children because of the darkness.

  4. Don Maelel says:

    The Boxtrolls is one of the best animated films of the year and proves Laika is a refreshing animation studio that deserves more recognition. This is a really cute movie. It is creative and imaginative and different.

  5. Lesnovak says:

    While the story is not very original, the creativeness in bringing this dry story to life is what made it feel so fresh. Animation is good, you can ignore the not so original story and this movie is very good.

  6. Fiona Wilson says:

    When to see this movie today and I was disappointed. Although it got good visuals and animation, the story and plot is not very original and it is rather old and something I have heard before.

  7. enaj007 says:

    I love this animation movie although it is very thin on the plot and story which is not very original. The animation is great.

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