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The Judge 1The Judge is about a dysfunctional family with a big city defense lawyer on the verge of divorce returning to his childhood home to defend his father who is suspected of murder. Hank Palmer has to return to his childhood home to defend his estranged father Joseph who is the judge of the town. He wanted to discover the truth and reconnects with his family with whom he walked away years before.The Judge 2

Hank and Joseph differences go beyond their approaches to law with one exploitative and the other self-righteous. The father treated Hank’s brothers Glen and Dale who has mental disability- like furniture. Hank left home and became estranged with his emotionally distant father.

There was an opportunity to mend the bridges when Hank has to go home to Indiana in order to defend his father. Joseph who is the judge of the town is accused of running down somebody on the night of his wife’s funeral. Hank is obligated to defend his father.

The Judge 3

With the acting talent of Robert Downey and Robert Duvall, you expect fireworks but somehow there are no fireworks. They had powerful and driven performances but the movie itself is a “very long” drama filled with so many clichés. Robert Downey should stick to making Marvel and Iron Man like movies.

The Judge 4

Beside the great performance of the cast especially the court room drama, the movie is also well filmed but these cannot save the movie; the movie is not worth spending more than two hours. There were too many things that went on and crammed into this movie; sometimes less is better.

The Judge has great lead and supporting cast; solid acting but wasted their talents on a lackluster plot. It stars Robert Downey Jr. as Hank Palmer and Robert Duvall as the father with Billy Bob Thornton in the supporting cast and directed by David Dobkin.

The Judge 5

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13 Responses to The Judge

  1. samanthastanley10 says:

    Robert Downey should stick to his superhero characters, drama is not for him.

  2. maella02 says:

    Finally watched it in Netflix what a waste of my time, too much going on there is no central main story.

  3. Larry Gibson says:

    This movie doesn’t know what it wants, to be a comedy, drama or what. It wants to cover all the genre that it made it so bad.

  4. Robert D says:

    This is one bad movie with so many things in it looks like somebody put so many things in a blender and whipped it up.

  5. bipolarLA says:

    One of few Robert Downey Jr. movie failures, he should just stick with Iron Man sequels.

  6. Alan Ball says:

    Not the best movie of Robert Downey it is so full of cliche.

  7. Sheila says:

    Somehow the mix of drama and comedy did not work plus the movie is super long.

  8. valleygirl says:

    Totally agree, Robert Downey should just stick to his comics character.

  9. troy m says:

    Somehow the drama and comedy did not blend very well also way too long for the story.

  10. Brian O says:

    Somehow the drama and comedy in this movie did not mix very well.

  11. lesliechun says:

    The movie is super long for the story, the story can be told in about an hour. The saving grace is the acting done by Robert Duvall and Robert Downey. True, the movie is so loaded with so may cliches.

  12. David W says:

    Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. did not disappoint, but too many cliches. The cast did a good job in the acting department however the director did not do a very good job. The movie is way too long for the story that it drag on and on.

  13. Vegas Girl says:

    The performances by everyone specially Duvall and Downey was good, but the film specially the story was not that good, besides that the movie is super long. I was really hoping for more from the film.

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