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Guardians of GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy is an action-packed space adventure where Peter Quill a brash adventurer is the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. Peter Quill is from Earth and was abducted by space bandits when he was young during the 80’s and became Star Lord an outlaw when he stole the coveted orb.Guadians of Galaxy 5

Peter Quill was forced into a truce with four misfits in order to evade Ronan; great fighter with a tender side, green skinned and sexy but deadly Gamora, revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer, Rocket a gun-toting and speaking raccoon, and Groot a tree-like humanoid. When they discovered the power of the orb, the group did its best to prevent Ronan in having the orb.

Guardians of Galaxy 1

Guardians of the Galaxy is what a sci-fi action adventure should be. It is full of action, comedy and great special effects. It is an action adventure that is hilarious and a feast to your eyes and ears with the perfect choice of iconic music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as soundtrack.

Guardians of Galaxy 2

All the super heroes are very likable but there are so many of them that there is very little narrative development on all of them. Nevertheless all them had their own moment specially Rocket who has the best lines and clever dialogues.

Guardians of the Galaxy may not have the most original story but it is a movie that delivers all the fun and action that everybody wants from a superhero/adventure movie.

It stars Chris Pratt as peter Quill, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, David Bautista as Drax, Benicio Del Toro as the Collector, Glenn Close as Nova Prime, the voice of Groot is that of Vin Diesel and Rocket’s voice is that of Bradley Cooper. Directed and co-written by James Gunn.

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12 Responses to Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Leslie Gibson says:

    One of the best movie last year has great story, very likable characters and very good cinematography too not your typical fairy take movie from movie but a very good adventure and futuristic movie from Disney.

  2. moviegeek says:

    One of the best movie of 2014, great music and the comedy incorporated in the story.

  3. Vegas Movie Fan says:

    I love how they used music in the movie, particularly liked the dancing baby Groot at the end of the movie.

  4. Willie says:

    Chris Pratt is perfect as Pater Quill.

  5. R Smith says:

    Love how music was used in the movie it really worked very well. One of the best adventure movie I have seen for some time.

  6. Melissa Wilson says:

    One of the best adventure and action movie, particularly liked the music.

  7. Barbara Newton says:

    The special effects are good and the music by Tyler Bates is also good and fitting, and we also have a bunch of famous tracks. These songs are really memorable and easily identifiable. But the best part of the movie are the main characters which are are a pleasure and fun to watch.

  8. Mary Jenkins says:

    The right combination of humor, action and music make Guardian of the Galaxy a very entertaining action adventure, sci-fi movie. Guardians of the Galaxy is a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek space adventure, blending elements of comedy and action.

  9. valleygirl says:

    The best Marvel movie so far with great dazzling affects, solid story and plot, substantial character development, Guardians of the Galaxy is another impressive Marvel and one of their best if not the best. The humor and comedy is very good as well.

  10. sampaguita music says:

    I reluctantly went to see Guardians of the Galaxy after having watched so may action adventure movies and I am glad I went to see it. This is more than a great film, good story and good music too. This movie is indescribable, probably because it has everything.
    Comedy, adventure, action, and a talking raccoon.

  11. troy m says:

    It is not often that critics and the audience agree on a movie but finally they agree on Guardians of the Galaxy. Also the soundtrack is amazing, good choice on the iconic music that was used. Great humor in this film while keeping the amazing action for visual entertainment.

  12. youmustsee says:

    One of the best sci-fi I have seen in a long time. The use of music worked very well, the music they used are really memorable. I am sure this will become one of the best franchise of Disney.

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