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St. Vincent 1St. Vincent is a comedy about a single mother and her weird neighbor. It is about a broke and hard-drinking weirdo who gets reformed by the innocence of a kid neighbor he babysits.

Maggie who has to work long hours after moving to Brooklyn is forced to leave his 12 year old son Oliver in the care of her neighbor Vincent. He is a broke retiree and spends his days drinking and gambling.

Together with close friend Daka who is a pregnant Russian hooker, Vincent brings the boy to the strip club, race track and the local bar. Along the way, an odd friendship develops between the boy and the drunken Vincent. He helps Oliver grow emotionally while Oliver learns that Vincent has a good heart and is often misunderstood which everybody seems not to see.

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St. Vincent has a predictable story, a typical story two people who are mismatched but ended up bringing the best in them. What saved the movie is the superb acting performance of the cast most notably Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray. Melissa McCarthy is being typecast in comedic roles but in this movie her portrayal of a struggling single mother is superb. She did not go over the top like most of her previous movies. It is nice to see Bill Murray back in funny form.

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Overall St. Vincent is very good and would remind you of Bad Santa and About A Boy. It may not be a great movie and a bit corny but it is fun to watch.

It stars Melissa McCarthy as Maggie, Bill Murray as Vincent and Naomi Watts as Daka. Directed by Theodore Melfi.

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19 Responses to St. Vincent

  1. juliasherman2 says:

    Melissa McCarthy should make more movies like this, she is great in drama and comedy.

  2. nicoletay2015 says:

    Melissa McCarthy is one funny gal.

  3. The Donald says:

    Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray are perfect so with Naomi Watts in support role. Great movie.

  4. Vegas Movie Fan says:

    Bill Murray is fantastic and so is Melissa McCarthy, she is now a bankable actress all her movies making money.

  5. Pink Rose says:

    Bill Murray is great so is Melissa and Naomi, great movie overall.

  6. Shakespear says:

    The plot is so so and very original but the cast did very good acting job which is the saving grace of the movie. I particularly liked Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy they are perfect in their roles.

  7. movie fan says:

    This movie was great fun. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. Melissa McCarthy played a more serious role then she usually does. This is a great movie and who doesn’t like Bill Murray he is great in this movie.

  8. Jersey girl says:

    A sentimental film, but it isn’t cheap or superficial. St Vincent film is funny, with a lot of good comic dialog and a lot of funny situations, which is more than most comedies deliver. A funny Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts for a brilliant movie!

  9. Brit says:

    Funny and heart warming. The casting choices is great and while the story wasn’t original and predictable, it was still fun to sit back and let the film take you there and it was not at all poorly written or flimsy. Fantastic performances all around and a great, well rounded film.

  10. blahblahblah says:

    Bill Murray is so great in this movie so is Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts. It may have a so so story but the movie is saved by the acting done by these 3.

  11. tootsie1990 says:

    St Vincent has the right blend of heartfelt humor and the cast is great but Bill Murray outshines them all. He is the key and glue that binds the movie together.

    The genre is listed as comedy but it is more like a drama with comedy on the side. Good movie and very entertaining.

  12. lalalalala says:

    Bill Murray is back in a comedy where he belongs, and it’s good to see Melissa McCarthy playing a normal person for a change. A touching story & wonderful “character acting” by Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts and specially the kid.

  13. P McGraw says:

    Went to see the movie expecting a comedy nut it was much more than a comedy. It has two of the funniest people in Hollywood and it was so much more than that. It had real heart and Bill Murray turns out to be both crude, funny and sympathetic. Melissa McCarthy plays it straight and is great and Naomi Watts is very funny as Murray’s Russian hooker.

  14. R Smith says:

    Bill Murray is really good in being stinky but lovable at the same time. Solid performances from Bill Murray and the rest of the cast. Bill Murray is a treasure.

  15. Albert says:

    It has a simple and predictable plot and story but the movie is very enjoyable to watch. Acting is superb specially Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

  16. Olive says:

    Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray are perfect.

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