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Interstellar 1Interstellar is a space odyssey, a science fiction and fantasy movie set in the near future about a team of explorers who has to travel beyond the galaxy in order to discover if there is a habitable place where the human race has a future as life on Earth is coming to an end as the Earth is dying and no longer able to sustain life where dust covers everything.

Food supply is destroyed by blight and corn is the only remaining viable plant and the only source of food available. The human race is in a survival mode; nations disbanded their military and without the need for pilots Interstellar 2and engineers, Cooper retired to his family farm. He has to leave the farm and his family to lead a team of scientist and astronomers to find a planet that is able to support human life.

The team of astronomers led by Cooper and accompanied by Amelia has identified three planets as possible candidates of sustaining human life. In order to reach these planets, the team of scientific explorers has to pass thru a wormhole near Saturn and shoot into another galaxy where they experienced gravitational anomaly and space-time disturbances.

Interstellar 3

The movie is very ambitious but suffers from holes in its plot. It is based on flawed science fiction, a subject that is hard to grasp but the movie has great musical score and incredible visuals. Interstellar is beautiful to look at but its subject is hard to grasp and understand; most would have a hard time making heads and tails out of it.

It stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, Anne Hathaway as Amelia, Jessica Chastain as young Murph, Ellen Burstyn as old Murph, Michael Caine as Professor Brand, and Matt Damon as Dr. Mann. Directed by Christopher Nolan.

Interstellar 4

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16 Responses to Interstellar

  1. Larry Gibson says:

    The movie could have been great if not for the ending but overall it is a good movie considering that it is almost 3 hours long. Great camera shots and great story.

  2. Kelly M says:

    Well made movie with great script and plot however did not like the ending, they could have done a better ending. Great performances by the actors and actresses.

  3. moviegeek says:

    Great movie with a great plot but a mediocre ending and a bit too long.

  4. conflictedinvegas says:

    The movie would have been great if not for the 3 hours length, has great plot although the science sometimes is murky and hard to follow, it has very good cinematography too.

  5. zuper movie fan says:

    The movie may be very long at 3 hours, the end the experience is well worth it. Overall Interstellar is a memorable film that is surely going to be remembered in years to come. Highly recommended.

  6. Sheila says:

    It could have been a great movie if not for the length of almost 3 hours.Wonderful performances by all, great story, beautiful to watch and will leave you thinking for days about the many issues touched on during the movie including ecology, time travel, etc

  7. Valleygirl says:

    This film is almost three hours long which actually felt like four hours. I was very excited to see this movie but when you have to endure three hours of melodrama and very complex plot the excitement slowly faded away.

    It is sort of good but could have been better if it got a better editing, it is way too long.

  8. Judy says:

    i find the plot to be disjointed and not cohesive and the characters are shallow, it has great picyures to look at but the nearly 3 hour length is not warranted.

  9. M Bridges says:

    It tried to develop the characters but it went nowhere. It has a great story and plot but they blew it with a mediocre ending. The movie is a disappointment.

  10. Pierre says:

    They could have made a better ending.

  11. Vegas Movie Fan says:

    It has magnificent visuals and I loved the ending but the movie is very long that it dragged on for a while. II don’t understand why most movie goers that saw the movie did not like the ending, I myself liked it.

  12. Willie says:

    The movie is way too long they could have shortened it and worked also worked on the plot and made it simpler. The ending could also have been better. Plus side is the spectacular scenery which is a feast on the eye.

  13. P Osmond says:

    Everything about this movie is stunning from the nail-biting scenes to the chilling soundtrack and I don’t understand why this movie is getting bad reviews. Although it could have a better ending.

  14. Pink Rose says:

    Great movie with magnificent shots, it is a visual feast although the plot is way too complex to comprehend. Great movie.

  15. Shakespear says:

    Like most Christopher Nolan movies, Interstellar has great visuals and good use of music as sound track but the plot is very complicated for a lay person to understand plus the movie is way too long. The movie is very entertaining and also thought provoking.

  16. amy says:

    The movie’s plot is way too complex and the length is way too long at almost 3 hours.The visuals are good.

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