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The Theory of Everything is based on the memoir Travelling to Infinity; My Life with Theory of EverythingStephen by Jane Hawking which is the true to life story of Stephen Hawking, the renowned astrophysicist and one of the world’s greatest living minds. The Theory of Everything is a depiction of the life of an outstanding astrophysicist. It is a story about love and commitment despite difficult circumstances.

Hawking was diagnosed with his disease at the age of 21 while still at Cambridge. He was diagnosed with the motor neuron disease that robbed him of nearly all voluntary movement. He was given two years to live and a doctor predicted that his thoughts would be affected.

Theory of Everything 1The movie deals with his relationship with Jane Wilde, a fellow student at Cambridge during the 1960’s. They deeply fell in love and Jane married him even with his disease and fought tirelessly by his side while Stephen embarked on his scientific work. They both discovered breaking grounds in medicine and science.


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While the movie looks like a BBC movie airing in PBS, it has solid script and the performances of the main actors are phenomenal especially Eddie Redmayne. He brought charm to the role and fully captured the humor of Hawking even when his body failed him. The movie is more about human drama and triumph than science and cosmology. It is realistic in depicting Hawking’s disease which is at times very painful to watch.

It is not perfect movie and melodramatic on some parts but overall a good biopic movie and it is worth watching.

Eddie Redmayne starred as Stephen Hawking and Felicity Jones starred as Jane Hawking and directed by James Marsh.

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12 Responses to The Theory of Everything

  1. Eddie Redmayne a great actor.

  2. dawnm789 says:

    Eddie Redmayne deserves the Oscar best actor, he is great in this movie.

  3. Cheap Veatch says:

    I like The Imitation games more than this movie, the editing in this movie is very sloppy which made it look very slow and boring though great acting from Eddie Redmayne.

  4. KM2 says:

    This is a good movie to watch on the tele but not on wide screen. Like most biopic it is formulaic I liked watching it though.

  5. Kelly M says:

    The Theory of Everything has great potential that was never used like the script is very weak, the movie ended up like a movie made for the Lifetime channel.

  6. Robert D says:

    Theory of Everything is a well made biopic movie with fantastic performers from Eddie and Felicity, excellent directing and a pretty nice musical score.

  7. P Newton says:

    It is an uplifting movie about Steven Hawkings and his disease. There are portions in the movie that are a bit so fast in order to hit all aspects of Hawking’s life but the performance of the 2 main actors are superb and made up for what the movie is lacking.

  8. Alexander says:

    This is a slow moving biopic and biopics doesn’t have to be that way. It is very uneventful although the performance of the main actors are superb that’s the only thing good about this movie aside from the fact that it offers a hope for averybody whatever circumstances you have in life.

  9. Just a chatter says:

    This is a biopic but they neglected some of the character development like when she shifted from a doting wife to being resentful, this was not explained at all. I read somewhere that Hawkings is very difficult to live with. This is very important as she looks self-centered in the film when actually she is not in real life.

  10. Allison W. says:

    While most biopics are seen on the viewpoint of guys, this movie is seen on the viewpoint of the wife Jane as the movie is based on the book she wrote.

    It is brilliantly filmed and very well acted I wouldn’t be surprised if got acting nominations.

  11. W Gibson says:

    The movie is a biopic which is quite formulaic but it is recommended if you want to see good acting, Eddie Redmayne is fantastic.

  12. moviegeek says:

    Love, love, love this movie, the actors really did a marvelous job.

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