Taken 3

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Taken 1Taken is the third installment of the sequel where Bryan Mills who is an ex-covert operative trying to re-bond with his daughter and reconcile with his ex-wife but tragically cut short when the ex-wife is brutally murdered in his apartment. He is on the run when he is framed for the crime and evaded countless pursuit of law enforcement.

Taken is very formulaic and very predictable. Not only formulaic and predictable but it has been done countless times. It seems no effort is put into the movie that it looks like they copied a few old action movies and stitched together.

Taken 2

The acting is pretty bad to the point of being cheesy. Liam Neesons’ portrayal of the main character Bryan Mills completely lacks charisma and cold. He does not have the same kind of excitement as Harrison Ford or Sylvester Stallone. I would say it is time to end sequels of this movie as there is nothing more to it and dumb. You may want to watch it on a weekend on Netflix but it is not recommended to spend money and time in a theater.

Taken 3

The only saving grace is Forest Whitaker who is a very talented actor; he made the most of his role as one of the supporting cast but this is beneath his set of skills.

It stars Liam Neeson as Mills, Forest Whitaker as Frank Dotzier, Maggie Grace as daughter Kim and directed by Oliver Megaton.

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9 Responses to Taken 3

  1. p osmond says:

    This must be one of the worst sequel movie I have seen for a while, story so weak and nothing new.

  2. Robert Kim says:

    The story I so predictable and no surprise at all this franchise has run out its course and this is nothing compared to the first and second installments.

  3. A Watson says:

    The plot and story is so full of gigantic holes and in the end you have to go through the tedious explanation of what we already know has happened. I think perhaps they did it for those who may have fallen asleep during the movie and this is by far the longest film in the franchise.

  4. Clive says:

    One of the worst action movie for a while.

  5. Sean S says:

    Obviously this is not a first rate action movie, heck not even a second rate but perhaps a third rate. So horrible.

  6. simon m says:

    We can only hope that this is the last of the series, this is garbage and trashy movie. The story is so impossible with the hero always getting rid of the bad guys all by himself and digging out of every predicament he is in.

  7. Leslie Gibson says:

    One of the most stupid movie ever made. The story is so worn out and have been told a hundred time nothing original at all.

  8. D Guy in Atlanta says:

    This movie making ten of millions of dollars the first week is beyond me, there is nothing in this movie old story with old people.

  9. Beatch Girl says:

    Thank goodness there is no more sequel to this movie, all the bad guys in the movie are all aging Russians can’t they have somebody younger they look like they are retired mobsters.

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