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Ida 1Ida is a foreign language Oscar nominee from Poland from acclaimed Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski. It is about Anna a young nun in 1960’s Poland who is about to take her vows and discovers a dark family secret that happened during the Nazi occupation of Poland in World War II.

Innocent and young Anna is an orphan raised in a convent and is about to take her vows when the Mother Superior told her to visit her aunt Wanda, her only living relative is a Communist party insider and a powerful magistrate. Her aunt refused to take and raise Anna after her parents died.

She was shocked to learn from her aunt that she is a Jew and her real name is Ida and her parents were murdered during the Nazi occupation. Ida/Anna and Wanda spent several days together travelling to the family farmhouse in the village of Piaski where her parents were buried.

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The movie is beautifully shot in black and white which evokes the darkness and ugliness of the Holocaust. The story is simple and uncluttered; it is very well told which makes it easy to follow. The genre is drama but there are no heavy handed dramatic scenes, dialogues and soundtrack.

Ida is a film that recreates the painful past of the former Communist countries in Eastern Europe. It is highly recommended.

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5 Responses to Ida

  1. daydreamer111 says:

    The black and white color really blended well with the narrative. Great story and the way the story is told.

  2. colbert812 says:

    Love this film it is simple, plot is simple just great story telling.

  3. sean102 says:

    Saw it twice on Netflix, that’s how good this movie is.

  4. Robert Kim says:

    Simple story and plot yet it is so powerful; great art film.

  5. Frankie says:

    This is a great film, simple story and told simply this is what story telling is all about.

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