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Focus 1Focus is con artist-comedy about Nicky a con artist and a consummate gambler who takes on a small time and inexperienced but beautiful Jess as apprentice and protégé under his wings.

The movie starts with Jess trying to rip Nicky but ends up begging him to become his apprentice. He takes her under his wings and trained her to become a professional con artist and eventually a romantic relationship developed between them. Nicky teaches Jess the ropes and secrets of the trade with a Super Bowl event in New Orleans as her Focus 2first assignment. They parted ways after the New Orleans event but met again in Buenos Aires a few years later; they are working on opposite sides of a car race event.

The movie is entertaining with enough style that covers up most of its shortcomings. There are elements that are almost ridiculous but the stylish directing and the performance of the main leads is charming that you may overlook some of the silliness. The main issue of the movie is that there are too many tricks which are overwhelming and makes the movie unorganized and “un-focused”.

Focus 3

The plot of Focus is not original; it is a twist on the classic crime romance plot. There are no surprises and it is predictable except maybe the ending. It may not be the best con artist movie but it is entertaining.

It stars Will Smith as Nicky, Margot Robbie as Jess and Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga. Written and directed by John Regua and John Ficarra.

Focus 4

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8 Responses to Focus

  1. oliviaw21 says:

    Will Smith needs to make movies that can make money, all his movies lately are no longer blockbusters.

  2. lingmessing says:

    This is so blah of a movie.

  3. moviefan23 says:

    It is fun to watch although not the best movie, title should be changed to Un-Focus too much sub plots and too much going on.

  4. kbolabola says:

    For a movie titled Focus, it really is unfocused. While the movie is different by not going the path of most heist movies it didn’t put things together to make it cohesive, really so unfocused and so confused.

  5. jbacon10000 says:

    It was really fun to watch with the chemistry between the main characters as the highlight of the whole movie. Focus is overall a surprising good movie.I didn’t expect much for this movie before I went to see it but after seeing it I was surprised that I got more out of it.

  6. dawnm789 says:

    Not the best movie ever made but it is not bad either, good entertainment for about 2 hours.

  7. donald02 says:

    A little stupid movie but it is fun with a good ending.

  8. Computer Geek says:

    Too much going on in this movie, it should be called “Un-Focused” instead. Having said that it is entertaining.

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