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Effie Gray 1Set in Victorian England, Effie Gray is the story of a young and naive beautiful woman trapped in a loveless marriage and married to a renowned art critic John Rustin. It is about the marital politics of the Victorian era where divorced is not an option when there is sexual repression and intolerance in a loveless marriage. It is a character study about sexual repression in Victorian era England.

The relationship between John Ruskin and his young wife is very unhappy without sex and as he become more distant and Effi Gray 3cruel towards his wife; she started to look for an escape until she had the courage to leave him.

Like most art and period drama movies, Effie Gray has a very slow pace to almost boring but it is very realistic about the Victorian era. The movie has a very good plot and has an interesting story to tell but somehow it is flat and did not deliver.

Effie Gray 5

You will not like this movie if you are not into period movies even with period movies with excellent plot; this movie not for you if you are into shallow movies with lots of action. You will however love this movie if you like period movies with interesting stories to tell.

The movie has very good cinematography and good to look at. Dakota Fanning did a very good job with her expressive eyes. Emma Thompson and Julie Walters are also great in supporting roles.

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It stars Dakota Fanning as Effie Gray, Emma Thompson as Lady Eastlake, Greg Wise as John Ruskin and Julie Walters as the mother of John Ruskin. Directed by Richard Laxton and written by Emma Thompson.

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6 Responses to Effie Gray

  1. daydreamer111 says:

    Great story and the plot is complicated.

  2. 1moretime says:

    Was bored to death when I went see this movie!!!!

  3. Kelly Ball says:

    Great story, a bit slow but a great movie none the less, the plot is great and story is well told with the writing of Emma Thompson.

  4. M Johnson says:

    It has a good story and plot but it is way too slow that it would put you to sleep. Art movies doesn’t have to be slow.

  5. Micky J says:

    Emma Thompson is a good writer besides being a good actress, did a good job with the screenplay of Effie Gray.

  6. Karen Nomura says:

    Really liked this movie although it is very gloomy and dark, it has a very interesting story to tell about sex and married life during the Victorian period England.

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