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Woman in Gold 1Woman in Gold is a based on the true story of Maria Altman a Jewish woman who wants to reclaim a painting which part of her heritage and seek justice for what happened to her family during the Nazi occupation of Vienna.

Sixty years after she fled Vienna during World War II and settling in Los Angeles, she started to retrieve her family possessions confiscated by the Nazi which includes a famous painting by Klimt called “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” which the Austrian establishment refuses to relinquish; the Austrians considered the painting the “Mona Lisa of Austria” and displayed prominently at the Belvedere Palace.

Woman in Gold 2

Maria Altman eventually took custody of the painting with the help of Randy Schoenberg a young lawyer inexperienced in international law who happened to be the grandson of the great Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg. The fight took them to the heart of the Austrian establishment and all the way to the US Supreme Court.

The movie plot is easy to follow and very fast paced and the story goes back and forth from Woman in Gold 4the time Maria Altman’s young life in Vienna to the present time where she fought to take possession of the painting. The movie is a legal drama as much as a historical depiction of World War II; big portion of the film is about Vienna during the war.


Woman in Gold 3Like most of her movies Helen Mirren did a fantastic acting job so with Ryan Reynolds.
Helen Mirren starred as Maria Altman, Ryan Reynolds as Randy Schoenberg with Katie Holms as the wife of Randy, directed by Simon Curtis.

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13 Responses to Woman In Gold

  1. quebeckim2015 says:

    I like the plot, history of WW2 in Austria was incorporated in the narrative.

  2. Pierre Morris says:

    This is a bit melodramatic but then again it is a Helen Mirren movie.

  3. J Kit2 says:

    Like the story which is based on true story but the characters are all 2 dimensional. Acting wise, Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job.

  4. Clark 789 says:

    This is a really good movie delving into Maria Altmann’s about the war and having to leave her parents in Austria and the atrocities of the Nazi. This is a nice movie about the war.

    Ryan Reynolds did a good job so with Dame Helen Mirren.

  5. Melissa O. says:

    Good movie about true to life events and Helen Mirren did it again with another strong performance. Good plot lines and Ryan Reynolds is a surprise he can act not just a pretty face.

  6. Paula201 says:

    What a great actress Helen Mirren is, she is so great.

  7. David L says:

    Helen Mirren is really great in every movie she is in, great actress.

  8. Sean Skelton says:

    Ryan Reynolds is a surprise who proves that he is capable to deliver a good performance, Helen Mirren is again did a good performance with her vague German accent watch out Meryl Streep.

  9. G Bridges says:

    Moving, emotional and very thought provoking. I give it my highest recommendation. Fascinating movie based on a true story. Helen Mirren is as usual delivered a great performance.

  10. Maella says:

    Part art history lesson and part human interest and war drama. Woman in Gold is one of the best movie of 2015 so far. Ryan Reynolds kept pace with Helen Mirren’s good performance and both of them gave a powerful performance.

  11. judith11111 says:

    Much better than I thought beforehand. I was moved to tears at the ending. Helen Mirren gives a perfect performance as expected. This is a much powerful and better movie than what critics are saying. Love it and recommend it.

  12. L Lerner says:

    A drama movie worth watching has a very good story not boring at all, part war movie.

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