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Spy 1Funny lady Melissa McCarthy did it again, this time saving the world as a CIA spy ala James Bond. Susan Cooper is an unexpected spy and unsung hero sitting in a desk (a desk-jockey) as a CIA analyst helping CIA agents in the field in their very dangerous missions. In order to prevent a global nuclear disaster, she volunteered to go undercover and infiltrate an arms dealer when her partner on the field she was helping and another top agent are compromised.

Spy is a typical spy movie with typical spy plot with a Spy 2comedic twist and itis very fast and with a touching message. It is a hilarious spoof of James Bond movies with thrilling action scenes, clever, sharp and hilarious dialogues. They are ridiculous but quotable dialogues.

Melissa McCarthy had a meteoric rise as a comedian but several of her past movies have been missteps; she is stuck playing aggressive characters with a foul mouth which have become tiresome to watch. Spy is a welcome respite from this where she is outlandish and really funny. There is still some vulgarity in Spy but they are handles properly and cleverly done.

Spy 3

Spy is a solid comedy with marvelous performance by McCarthy with strong supporting cast where they all contributed to make a movie a solid piece. This is perfect Melissa McCarthy movie where her brand of comedy is showcased.

It stars Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper, Jude Law as Bradley Fine, Jason Statham as Rick Ford, Miranda Hart (another funny lady where she almost stole some of the scenes) as Nancy, written and directed by Paul Feig.

Spy 4

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25 Responses to Spy

  1. franksmith5 says:

    Funny girl Melissa McCarthy.

  2. alexandersmith991 says:

    Except for a few of her movies like St. Vincent, Melissa McCarthy’s movies are all the same but most of them are very funny though. She should make more different movies that way she will last long.

  3. mamasita11 says:

    She is my favorite actress big fan love all her movies.

  4. moviegeek21 says:

    Love all her movies so funny.

  5. oliviaw21 says:

    She is my favorite comedian so funny.

  6. pierremorris says:

    Melissa McCarthy have some funny but dumb movies byt Spy is not one of them, this is so funny and well written Liked it a lot.

  7. bethwilson9 says:

    Love Melissa McCarthy and her brand of comedy, she is great and so funny.

  8. mark38nom says:

    This is a much “James Bond” movie than the latest real James Bond movie, it has lots of action and humor too. Enjoyed this better.

  9. charliel200 says:

    A “Bond movie” for chicks, Melissa McCarthy finally made a movie that is funny that is not lame.

  10. Mila Johnson says:

    I’m glad this movie made money coz I’m a big fan of Melissa.

  11. QZpWrY says:

    MM is really a great comedian and an actress and this is one of her better movie.

  12. Rainbow says:

    The best movie of Melissa McCarthy, good plot and very funny, she should make more movies like this. She had made several movies this year and last but this is the best. Very funny take off of Kames Bond.

  13. Pierre B says:

    One of the best and funniest movie made by Melissa M, great and fun movie. Funny but not stupid funny like some of her previous movies.

  14. Moviefan says:

    This is so far the best movie of Melissa McCarthy, the best. Good story and very funny without being dumb.

  15. Malditasha says:

    Melissa McCarthy nailed it, this is by far her funniest movie has good plot story and really funny. It is funny without being “stupid” funny.

  16. daydreamer says:

    This is a good one, it is funny with some art and acting value to it. Melissa McCarthy needs to make more movies like this and she would become even a more a bigger star.

  17. cannok says:

    The same comedy from McCarthy, adult humor but different characters. Though this is a bit better than her usual comedy.

  18. jkit says:

    Funny with crude humor but not in your face crude, loved the movie not unlike her previous movies this one is really good.

  19. Milamilwil says:

    Best movie of Melissa McCarthy and she just shines and with the supporting cast all are so funny. A great action and comedy and don’t mind seeing it again.

    This is not your typical Melissa McCarthy movie not the usual “fat lady joke” movie. The jokes are funny from the start of the movie. Movie is also very fast paced.

  20. linh o says:

    This is your typical Melissa McCarthy movie but this one worked has great pacing good plot and this all worked well with the “potty mouth” dialogues.

  21. Pinkflamingo says:

    This is by far the best movie of Melissa McCarthy’s. There is a greaty balance of comedy, action and the plot is great. Visuals and action scene are great as well which blended very well with the foul mouth of Melissa McCarthy.

  22. J Kit2 says:

    Melissa McCarthy nailed it, this one is really funny without being dumb.

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