Ted 2

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Ted 1 Ted 2 is the sequel of the first Ted movie about a talking and foul mouthed teddy bear. In the second installment, newlywed Ted and Tami-Lynn want a baby and Ted has to prove in court that he is a person in order to qualify to be a parent.

Like the first installment, Ted 2 is dumber than your average comedy. I did not like the first one which I watched on TV and I do not like the sequel either. Seth McFarlane’s brand of humor is very immature; Jim Carrey’s brand of humor is also immature but at least Jim Carrey’s comedy is funny.

The jokes are not only crude but they are lazy as well and the plot is needlessly complicated and all over the place. The material is about 10 minutes worth but it is far too stretched to about two hours.

Ted 2

The first one is really bad but the sequel is beyond bad, I don’t see the reason of making the sequel. I went to see the sequel to avoid the traffic on the freeway and thought the sequel might be better and expected an improvement from the first but the sequel is even worst.

It stars Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, Ted’s voice is that of Seth McFarlane, Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Jackson, Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn and directed by Seth McFarlane.

Ted 3

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10 Responses to Ted 2

  1. linhosmond says:

    This movie is so lame.

  2. Paul1995 says:

    Comdey qui est pas drôle, écriture est mauvaise, Mark Walhberg est pas drôle et ne peut pas agir.

  3. Sbacon says:

    One yucky movie, McFarlain should stop making comedic movies, he is not funny at all.

  4. Bobby Lerner says:

    I don’t see the comedy in this movie, who ever wrote this is lazy.

  5. Moviefan says:

    This is one bad movie, just wasted almost 2 hours and the money I paid to see it.

  6. Malditasha says:

    Not funny at all, stupid movie.

  7. daydreamer says:

    Why do they keep making movies like this? No art value at all.

  8. Clark K says:

    This is one retarded movie just full of filthy mature jokes.

  9. cannok says:

    Yikes the talking teddy bear with potty mouth is back!!

  10. jkit says:

    The humor is crude and vulgar and not funny at all. If you like crude adult humor that is low brow, you may like it.

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