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Minions 1Minions started as single-celled yellow organism from the dawn of time and evolved through the ages and serving the most despicable masters in every generation. These masters however pass away and the Minions become depressed in not being able to have a permanent master.

A Minion named Kevin together with two other Minions, Stuart and Bob, had a plan and travelled out the world to find a perfect evil master. This led them to meet Scarlet Overkill, the first female super-villain.Minions 4

Minions is a spin-off of the highly successful animation Despicable Me and although it does not have the same quality as Despicable Me, it has the humor for both kids and adults. It has a simple to non-existent plot and so with the story which is appropriate and suitable for kids to follow. Most parts of the movie are funny but some parts are “funny-silly” and the humor is juvenile which kids will like.

Minions 2

The animation is not that great and nothing special with the characters drawn and designed very simple but the Minion characters are somewhat adorable. Being an animation movie for kids, they could have added more color.

Minions 3

This is a harmless and fun movie for kids but not so much for adults, it is a descent comedy. It is good but not as good as Despicable Me.

Sandra Bullock voiced Scarlet Overkill, Pierre Coffin as Kevin and Bob, Michael Keaton as Walter Nelson, Jennifer Saunders as the Queen, Steve Coogan as Professor Flux and directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda.

Minions 5

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18 Responses to Minions

  1. simonmooes8 says:

    Have not seen Sandra Bullock in a movie lately.

  2. jakeaniston says:

    Sandra Bullock can do comedy too.

  3. kellyball102 says:

    Like it when Sandra Bullock is sweetly evil.

  4. texangirl1 says:

    Sandra Bullock can be funny, dark funny that is.

  5. Love this movie, it is so very funny.

  6. alberts10 says:

    Love Sandra in this comedy.

  7. daydreamer says:

    Sandra Bullock can be very good in comedy.

  8. Paul1995 says:

    Il était intéressant de voir un film sur nos personnages préférés de Despicable Me. Le problème est qu’il ne fonctionne pas. Bien que mièvre et drôle il manque le charme qui suintait des Films méprisable.

  9. Senorita says:

    Una película sin gracia y sin interés. Es evidente que no se dirige a mi demográfica, pero lo vi con mis dos sobrinos jóvenes y hasta que casi no podía encontrar un lugar para reír en todo.

  10. BarbR says:

    Sandra Bullock can be funny even as a bad girls.

  11. Pierre B says:

    Other than Sandra Bullock there’s no reason to go see this movie not even close to Despicable Me, there are a few laughs but too far in between. The animation is not even great.

  12. Sean S says:

    Sandra Bullock is the real America’s sweetheart, she could handle any role and still likable.

  13. Dreamer says:

    Great movie though animation not so great. Good movie for kids and adults though not as good as Despicable me.

  14. Sbacon says:

    Not the best animated movie but it is quite good for a kid movie, Sandra Bullock is specially good.

  15. Katy M says:

    When I saw the trailer a few weeks before I went to see the movie I was so sure about the movie and decided to go see it.This is a great comedy movie. Minion goes a long way to find a true villain they can serve. They are very much funny as usual. Great story and great animation, Sandra Bullock did a great job as the voice of Scarlet Overkill.

  16. Bobby Lerner says:

    Has some things for kids and that adults will pick up on that kids don’t pick. but still all in all a very good movie in my opinion. Overall a good movie for both kids and adults.

  17. Albert S says:

    Not as good as Despicable Me but there are a lot of funny moments definitely worth the ticket price. Really good for kids.

  18. Malditasha says:

    Good movie for kids not so much for adults like the plot and story are good for kids.

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