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Jurassic World 1Jurassic World is another sequel to the original 1993 Steven Spielberg classic.

The movie is set in the present day where the theme park of John Hammond is doing good business and is already in operation for several years. Visitors to the park can touch the dinosaurs like a kid would pet an animal in a petting zoo.

Like most businesses, the park is pressed to come up with new species of dinosaurs to attract more visitors and keep the profits rolling. The scientists at the park came up with a hybrid type and this is where the problem started. The hybrid dinosaur wreck havoc to the island park.

Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World is your typical summer blockbuster movie; it is action packed with lots of jaw dropping special effects but thin on plot and story. The main characters are boring, 2 dimensional and there was no character development; the real stars are the dinosaurs and most probably this is what the producers intended to rake in the profits in selling merchandise.

Jurassic World 3

Production design is magnificent with the dinosaurs looking so real and with the park Jurassic World 5island visually appealing. However the plot is almost non-existent and very formulaic and predictable with some scenes unrealistic; executive Claire Dealing running with high heels on. Jurassic World has some entertainment value with the production design and jaw dropping special effects but nothing else.

It stars Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas Howard as park executive Claire Dealing, Vincent D’Onofrio as bad guy Vic Hoskins and directed by Colin Trevorrow.


Jurassic World 4

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11 Responses to Jurassic World

  1. Bobby Lerner says:

    This is such a typical summer blockbuster, a popcorn movie from start to end. They spent too much money they could have done a better job on the plot and storyline.

  2. QZpWrY says:

    OK movie for kids not for adults, not comparable at all to the original Jurassic Park movie. Not recommended at all.

  3. Paul1995 says:

    Pas aussi bon que le Parc Jurassic originale.

  4. BarbR says:

    Special effects is great but nothing else, it is so forgettable movie.

  5. Pierre B says:

    Jurassic World has a very weak plot it seems the movie makers did not put some thought before making the movie. Except for the special effects nothing is remarkable about this movie.

  6. Malditasha says:

    Like most sequels, this movie is lame even with the over the top production design. But what more do you expect from a dinosaur movie which have not been done before.

    This movie is made for its production design and shallow entertainment value.If you are a kid you may appreciate it.

  7. Dreamer says:

    Movie is okey but not as great as great as the original and will never have the staying power of the original good for kids.

  8. Mila Johnson says:

    Not the best Jurassic movie, the original still the best.

  9. Moviefan says:

    Sort of good movie but leaves no lasting impact as the first Jurassic movie.

  10. Dreamer says:

    The plot is so poorly written and the characters are so forgettable. Only saving grace is the stunning visuals, the dinosaurs are amazing.

  11. Sbacon says:

    This is one good movie for watching while sitting in a couch, so cheesy and cliched but nonetheless Jurassic World features barely enough action, references to the original, and Chris Pratt did somewhat good job.

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