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Ricki & the Flash is a movie about Ricki, a struggling sixty-ish rock singer guitarist who Ricki & the Flashgave up everything including her family for her dream of becoming a rock-and-roll star. She and her band play at a strip mall bar in a Los Angeles suburb and in order to make ends meet, Ricki has to work at a grocery as a cashier.

Ricki has to return home to Indianapolis in order to make things right with her family where her daughter is having a break down and tried to kill herself after she was dumped by her husband; her son is getting married to an uptight vegetarian.

Ricki & the Flash 1

While the story is about redemption, the movie is not melodramatic. It is not about the main character making amends to what she did just to follow her dream but it is about reconnecting with her family. The movie is about “profession versus family” where the main character picked profession. It is not only about the relationship with her family but also about working women in general; men are generally have better chances and are tolerated to make mistakes than women.

Ricki & the Flash 2

Ricki & the Flash is not a summer blockbuster movie with huge production design but a small movie with a few major stars. It is a drama-comedy, but not the uplifting type, with great music and relatively alright plot.

As usual Meryl Streep gave everything she can to make her character believable as a struggling rock-and-roll musician who is beyond her prime. Kevin Kline is also believable as the ex-husband (he is showing his age). Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep’s real-life daughter is like her mother acting wise.

It stars Meryl Streep as Ricki Rendazzo, Kevin Kline as former husband Pete Brummel, Rick Springfield as boyfriend Greg and Mamie Gummer as daughter Julie. Directed by Jonathan Demme and written by Diablo Cody.


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20 Responses to Ricki & the Flash

  1. miamilisa says:

    Streep is great in this movie she can tackle any role.

  2. nancymoores says:

    She is an all around actress, drama, comedy, musical you name it, she is great.

  3. johnbacon109 says:

    Good movie unfortunate that not many went to see it.

  4. jeronimo11 says:

    Super great actress.

  5. simonball01 says:

    As always she is great.

  6. pierreb19 says:

    I like Meryl Streep no role is too small or too big for her.

  7. Mila Johnson says:

    She is really an actress and a star, no movie is too small for her as long as it is a good one with good storyline.

  8. daydreamer says:

    Streep can handle any role and she handles them very professionally and is very convincing also.

  9. QZpWrY says:

    Not the best movie of Meryl Streep mainly due to the mediocre script but she did a nice acting job. Very believable as an aging rock musician, love her first rate acting.

  10. Senorita says:

    Esta es una película bien por Meryly Streep, no es genial, pero okey, la historia es muy predecible pero ella hizo un gran trabajo actoral.

  11. BarbR says:

    This is so predictable of a movie it is only saved by the acting of Meryl Streep, she did an outstanding job.

  12. Rainbow says:

    Great movie with very good acting and also good music love it.

  13. Bananarepublic says:

    Meryl Street, her daughter Mamie Gummer and Kevin Kline did very well in acting however I feel that the writing is somewhat underwritten considering that it is written by a great writer like Diablo Cody. Great music I really like the music.

  14. Pierre Morris says:

    The movie is okey not the greatest but not that bad either the acting done by Meryl Streep is great however the writing done by Diablo Cody is so so considering Diablo is a great writer.

  15. Katy M says:

    I was expecting more from this movie, Meryl Streep and Diablo Cody are the best in the industry. It is not bad but not great either.

  16. Malditasha says:

    She can cry, she can speak in many many different accents and now she can also sing rock, is there a role she can’t do? Love the movie, not a downer although its a drama.

  17. Dreamer says:

    I like it that the movie did not wallow in heavy drama although the story line is drama. its a combination comedy and drama. Meryl Streep is always great no role she can’t handle.

  18. Kathy B says:

    Meryl Streep is really such a great actress she is very believable as an aging rock singer.

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