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The Last With Hunter 1The Last Witch Hunter is about Kaulder, a warrior who killed the all-powerful Queen Witch and in the process decimating her followers.

Even in the modern world there are still witches living among us. These are vicious supernatural beings that are intent on unleashing the Black Death among men. But throughout history there are many witch hunters who The Last With Hunter 2battled these witches including Kaulder. He is the last of his kind and spent centuries battling rogue witches.

The Queen Witch is resurrected and seeks revenge on her killers which causes epic battle that will determine the survival of humanity.

The Last With Hunter 3

The movie itself and its’ plot is not original, the story has been told numerous times before and this type of movie and its’ plot has been made before, there is nothing new. It has good visuals and musical score but that is the only thing good about this movie.

The Last With Hunter 4

With its’ action scenes, it is is entertaining if you are into this kind of movie and also like Vin Diesel however it is very predictable from the very start that you wish you went to see something else. You can watch it on Netflix on a slow weekend but not recommended for theater viewing.

It stars Vin Diesel as Kaulder, Michael Caine as Dolan 36th, Elijah Wood as Dolan 37th, and Julie Engelbrecht; directed by Breck Eisner and written by several writers.

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8 Responses to The Last Witch Hunter

  1. Lo que una película culo aburrido! Parte de la actuación fue muy lejos haciéndome pensar que sólo estaban leyendo de una cámara guión fuera. No es lo que esperaba de los principales actores nombrados como Vin Diesel y Michael Caine, pero después de quedarse dormido dos veces que se levantó y se fue.

  2. jeronimo11 says:

    Vin Diesel is being typecast on this types of roles. The movie is so so nothing special, story is not new there is really no reason to make this movie, just my opinion.

  3. simonball01 says:

    Un de ces films qui déçoit finalement puis vous venez à Rotten Tomatoes et de voir qu’il y avait cinq crédits d’écrivain et soudain, tout fait sens – à la différence du film. Il n’a pas été horrible, mais Vin Diesel était fiasco et le ton du film retourne beaucoup trop de rester cohérent. Le fait qu’il y avait au moins cinq écrivains sur elle explique pourquoi. Je voudrais économiser votre argent sur celui-ci et de le regarder quand il vient sur Netflix ou si vous obtenez une location gratuite Redbox.

  4. Claudia says:

    This is a typical witch hunt movie which is very predictable even with cameo appearances by Michael Caine and Elijah Wood. Vin Diesel is very cool though.

  5. George N says:

    Quickand easy to watch movie if you are not very picky if you are looking an action adventure flick.

  6. lagal21 says:

    This is not a good film with hilarious dialogues. The plot, if there’s one, is very muddy with so many unnecessary details that complicated the plot. I just wasted my time and money on this one.

  7. seanskelton2101 says:

    If you like Vin Diesel then you will probably like this movie. The story is boring and very uninteresting Worth to rent at Netflix but not to watch in a theater, a waste of time and money.

  8. L’histoire est intéressante et le casting est brillant. D’autre part, le développement du script échoue à nous engager en raison de dialogues mal écrits et de mauvais choix sur le troisième acte, en particulier la fin. Donc, autant que les performances et offrent des effets visuels sont plutôt cool, l’histoire déçoit beaucoup. Encore un beau divertissement pour ceux qui cherchent de l’action.

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